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Driver Combo

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For the equivalent in other games, see Art Combo (disambiguation).

Driver Combos are an element of combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. They consist of a series of reactions performed in order: Break, Topple, Launch, and Smash. Inflicting them restricts a target's ability to act and provides additional benefits.


Party members inflict stages of the Driver Combo with specific Driver Arts/Vanguard Arts. Each Switch Art also inflicts a stage of the Driver Combo. Enemies may inflict Driver Combo stages with auto-attacks and Arts alike.

For party members, Driver Combo stages must be performed in order: there is no way for a party member to Topple a non-Broken enemy, for example. This is not true for enemies, who may have moves which "force" later stages of the Driver Combo without first inflicting earlier ones. Enemies may also have moves which briefly inflict (later) stages of the Driver Combo on themselves; these do allow the party to continue the Driver Combo from there, if they are fast enough.

When a Driver Combo and a Blade Combo are inflicted simultaneously on the same target, the result is a Fusion Combo. This results in a multitude of benefits dependent upon whether the Driver Combo stage or the Blade Combo stage was most recently inflicted. Benefits include Party Gauge gain, extra EXP, lengthened Blade Combo stage duration, and increases to damage which stack additively with those from Driver Combo stages. The strength of the effects depends upon the stage of the Driver Combo, as well as that of the Blade Combo.

The first three stages of the Driver Combo may be extended with certain accessories such as the Tachyon Scarf. Break and Topple can also be paused by initiating a stage 3 Blade Combo or a level IV Special. The timer ticks down more slowly for these two stages during a Chain Attack.



Main article: Break (XC2)

Break starts a Driver Combo by breaking the target's stance. When Break is inflicted, the target's current attack is interrupted and they stop moving for a split second. The target is not otherwise visibly affected for the remainder of the Break's duration, but they are vulnerable to Topple-inflicting moves and Fusion Combos.


Main article: Topple (XC2)

Topple causes the target to fall down, preventing them from attacking or evading. Toppled targets take 25% more damage. Toppling an enemy causes it to drop a medium HP Potion.


Main article: Launch (XC2)

Launch sends the target spinning in the air, preventing them from attacking or evading, and causing them to take 50% more damage. Launching an enemy also causes it to drop a medium HP potion.


Main article: Smash (XC2)

Smash ends the Driver Combo by slamming the target into the ground. It deals significant damage to the target and leaves them unable to act until they stand back up. Smashing an enemy causes them to drop a large HP potion together with a portion of their ordinary drops.


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Driver Combo locking[edit]

Driver Combos temporarily prevent an enemy from acting, allowing the party to deal damage without fear. Driver Combo locking is this taken to the extreme: by continually keeping the enemy immobile via the Driver Combo reactions, the party is safe from attack and obtains the benefits of the Driver Combo stages as a bonus. See Driver Combo locking for detailed strategy.




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