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Banter (XC2)

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Banter is a random event in which party members may engage in a conversation after a battle, rather than using individual lines of dialogue.

Rex, Nia[edit]

Nia Hm, Rex? You all right? You didn't hurt anything, did you?
Rex I'm fine, really! It's not even a bruise! Owww...
Rex Hey, Nia! I just found the shiniest trinket! You wanna see? Hey! Nia?
Nia Yeah, yeah, I'll check it out later. You're such a child sometimes...

Rex, Nia, Tora[edit]

Tora Be careful with weapon! You nearly hit Tora!
Nia Hey, we got through it in one piece, didn't we? Besides, you're so small the chances of that happening are like next to nothing!
Rex Oh you're one to talk! Ahahah!

Rex, Nia, Zeke[edit]

Zeke Ahahaha! They were no match for Thunderbolt Zeke!
Nia I'm sorry, what? They'd have mopped the floor with you if it hadn't been for me!
Rex I think Nia's wit might be sharper than Zeke's Arts!

Rex, Nia, Mythra[edit]

Mythra We finished quicker than I expected... All thanks to Foresight, of course.
Rex Good sign! We're here to change the future, aren't we?!
Nia Er... Right... Listen to the girl, Rex.

Rex, Nia, Dromarch[edit]

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Rex, Tora[edit]

Tora Rex-Rex! Will you help Tora tune up Poppi next time?
Rex No worries! I bet I can learn something to help my salvaging too!

Rex, Tora, Vandham[edit]

Rex The key was to synchronize our breathing.
Tora Rex-Rex and Tora are am-m-m-mazing combo!
Vandham Good work...but we gotta fix the world so we don't need to fight, ya hear?

Rex, Tora, Zeke[edit]

Tora Zeke's Arts are so cool! How Zeke move like that?
Zeke Forget strength or practice. It's all about the single-minded desire to look awesome!
Rex You think that's impressive? Zeke's better at self promotion than me!

Rex, Tora, Poppi QT[edit]

Rex Poppi's a really good name, but what does the "QT" stand for?
Tora Quixotic Tutelar! But don't ask meaning of that... Meh-meh.
Poppi QT Poppi is not sure, but think it's something very cool and powerful!

Rex, Tora, Blade Nia[edit]

Blade Nia Awesome work, guys. Now, is anyone hurt?
Tora Tora wish he could install Nia's regen power in Poppi.
Rex Tora says it'll help! Just don't pick up any of Nia's habits, okay?

Rex, Vandham[edit]

Vandham Rex, mate, you just ain't got enough power! Gimme three thousand squats!
Rex I think that's a bit much...

Rex, Mòrag[edit]

Rex Hey, Mòrag! Did you see me? That was a cool move, yeah!
Mòrag That was a fine display of swordsmanship. I could learn a lot from it.

Rex, Mòrag, Pyra[edit]

Rex We don't know what's coming, so we have to be ready for anything.
Pyra Let's rest for a moment. Anyone for tea?
Mòrag Heed Pyra well. We should be ready for action at all times.

Rex, Mòrag, Brighid[edit]

Rex They don't call you the Empire's strongest Blade for nothing.
Brighid I am but a humble student of lady Mòrag's greatness.
Mòrag Come now. Without Brighid by my side, I can hardly call myself a Special Inquisitor, can I?

Rex, Zeke[edit]

Rex Should we take a break after this?
Zeke My advance cannot be stopped, such is the destiny of those who bear the Eye of Shining Justice!

Rex, Zeke, Pandoria[edit]

Zeke Hey! Hang on a sec! I dropped my contact lens.
Rex That's not the first time either! Are you sure you should be dropping it that much?
Pandoria Don't laugh at my Prince! He keeps needing new contacts and so we end up poorer.

Rex, Pyra[edit]

Pyra Let's keep this up and we'll win for sure.
Rex My thoughts exactly!
Pyra That was wonderful, Rex!
Rex R-Really?! I'll try even harder for the next one, just you wait!
Rex I'll keep you safe, Pyra. Salvager's honor!
Pyra Thank you. That means a lot to me, Rex.

Rex, Pyra, Gramps[edit]

Gramps Have you considered taking the lead sometime, Pyra?
Pyra I'll think about it next time, Azurda.
Rex People might look at you funny, though, so watch out!

Rex, Mythra[edit]

Mythra Do you wanna stop staring at me, or what?
Rex I wasn't looking, honest! You just...keep entering my field of vision, is all.
Rex Cheers, Mythra! We did good!
Mythra With Foresight, victory is assured. Oh. I'm...sure you helped out as well.

Rex, Dromarch[edit]

Rex Dromarch, do you and Gramps get along OK?
Dromarch We differ in many ways, but I consider him a friend nonetheless.

Rex, Poppi α[edit]

Rex For an alpha prototype you sure pack a punch, Poppi!
Poppi α Poppi actually feature complete but Masterpon want to keep tweaking UI.

Rex, Poppi QTπ[edit]

Rex Anyone else find Poppi's final form distracting? No? Just me?
Poppi QTπ Poppi does not understand. But Poppi feels very cool in this form.

Rex, Brighid[edit]

Rex Hmm...that wasn't great... *sigh* One thing at a time, then...
Brighid I'll write it down in my journal. There is bound to be some lesson for me here.

Rex, Pandoria[edit]

Rex No matter how things go, we can never give up!
Pandoria Teeheehee! We are a lot alike, you and me!

Rex, Blade Nia[edit]

Rex Hey, Nia. About that thing you said that one time. I...uh...well.
Blade Nia Huh? Oh, right. Hehe... You're asking now? Now's not the time, we can talk later.

Rex, Godfrey[edit]

Godfrey Rex, you're getting too heated! Don't lose your cool in battle.
Rex That's good advice! I work hard to be cool!

Rex, Wulfric[edit]

Wulfric You and I are...friends?
Rex You and me are friends! We're bonding great!

Rex, Boreas[edit]

Boreas I'm starving! I wish Pyra would cook something again.
Rex Hmm... Me too! Hey! Didn't we literally just eat?!

Rex, Kasandra[edit]

Kasandra I'm so glad there weren't any casualties! I had such a bad premonition about this battle.
Rex Nevermind premonition and the like. We need to believe in ourselves, that's all!

Rex, Praxis[edit]

Rex You're a powerhouse, Praxis! I feel safer with you around!
Praxis Thanks! But I can't stop here. There is a lot at stake after all.

Rex, Kora[edit]

Kora Hmm...these clothes feel a bit tight... Rex, what do you think?
Rex Oh...'t possibly judge.

Rex, Azami[edit]

Azami I do wish you'd lean on me more, Rex... you think I couldn't take it?
Rex It's nothing like that. I'll try on you more.

Rex, Ursula[edit]

Ursula How about this tune:
Rex It's catchy!
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Rex, Newt[edit]

Newt A job well done, Rex. As the Aegis's Driver, you must be exhausted! How about a back rub?
Rex Hum... Which hands...are you planning to use?

Rex, Vess[edit]

Vess Can we take a break? I think my dumplings are about ready.
Rex Hum? Right in the middle of battle...? What? How?!

Rex, Adenine[edit]

Rex One down, heaps more to go.
Adenine Wasn't that a salvager move? Would you mind telling me a bit more about it?

Rex, Floren[edit]

Rex Thanks for being on healing duty, it helps a lot!
Floren I'm glad you think so! So Rex is easily fooled, good to know.

Rex, Mikhail[edit]

Rex It's strange to think that the day would come when we fought side by side.
Mikhail This is destiny. Nothing strange about it, my friend.

Rex, Poppibuster[edit]

Rex It's incredible, seeing the Poppibuster in action. Look at him go!
Poppi Mk. II Please to praise Poppi's remote operation skill also.

Rex, Shulk[edit]

Rex That sword you've got, Shulk. There is something really...mystical about it.
Shulk As well there should. It was made by a god, after all.
Rex What?! Seriously?! Is to be using it, then?

Rex, Corvin[edit]

Corvin Rex, is our party an absolute powerhouse or what?
Rex Yeah! I'd say so! When all of us come together, nothing can stand in our way!

Rex, Elma[edit]

Rex Should we take a break after this?
Elma Over already? I've been trained to handle a lot worse.

Rex, Gramps[edit]

Rex Not to boast, but that was spectacular! Right, Gramps?
Gramps Remember Rex, pride comes before a fall.
Gramps Your helmet makes for quite a snug berth, my boy.
Rex It's not my fault if you fall out during battle, yeah?

Nia, Tora[edit]

Tora Tora is very handy to have around!
Nia True that! You made a great decoy.

Nia, Vandham[edit]

Vandham You killed it out there, Nia! You're a smooth operator!
Nia Hello? I'm a girl.

Nia, Mòrag[edit]

Nia Everything fine with you Mòrag? No injuries?
Mòrag Not a scratch... But I may require skin care.

Nia, Mòrag, Zeke[edit]

Nia If there's anyone I'd entrust my life with, it's you Mòrag.
Zeke Hello? I'm right here?
Mòrag I admit that I played a significant role. More battling less prackling, if you please?

Nia, Zeke[edit]

Zeke Gah. My left pec aches from my old wound.
Nia Wasn't it your right pec last time? Get your story straight, Shellhead!

Nia, Pyra[edit]

Pyra Nia, thank you for fighting to keep Rex safe.
Nia I-I'm not doing it for him!

Nia, Pyra, Dromarch[edit]

Dromarch I wish Nia was as lady-like as you, Pyra.
Pyra Well, I wish I was as much of a warrior as Nia.
Nia I'm BEING a lady, all right?! A WARRIOR lady.

Nia, Pyra, Gramps[edit]

Pyra Are you injured, Azurda?
Nia He's a TITAN, it'll heal.
Gramps Show more sympathy to your elders, Nia.

Nia, Mythra[edit]

Nia Mythra, I think you might be overdoing it a touch...
Mythra Huh, really? Hehe...I was really afraid of that...

Nia, Dromarch[edit]

Dromarch My Lady, I would advise you to put more thoughts into your defence next time.
Nia I'll be fine! Offence is the best defence, right?
Nia Phew! I'm knackered! Can I ride on you for a while, Dromarch?
Dromarch Of course, my Lady. That is what I'm here for.

Nia, Poppi α[edit]

Nia So tell me, what's your body made from?
Poppi α Poppi could tell you, but then... Poppi would have to kill you.

Nia, Pandoria[edit]

Nia Honestly, Pandoria, I dunno how you put up with all of Shellhead's antics.
Pandoria Oh, Nia! You're the only one who gets it!

Nia, Kora[edit]

Kora Nia, we'll have SO much to talk about when we stop for the night.
Nia I'm BEGGING you, please let me get some sleep before it's already bright.

Nia, Ursula[edit]

Ursula Nia! I can't believe how strong you are! Can you tell me your secret?
Nia I'm not as strong as you think... I just don't wanna regret not trying.

Nia, Vess[edit]

Nia Vess, try not to get distracted in battle. It's not a good idea.
Vess I know! I know! But the scenery is always so pretty!

Nia, Floren[edit]

Floren Everyone doing fine? If you need healing, just shout!
Nia Same regen powers as me...but a damn sight more lady-like!

Nia, Poppibuster[edit]

Nia Hmm... So you're saying it's actually Poppi piloting this thing, huh.
Poppi Mk. II Operating Poppibuster and looking after Masterpon at same time drains Poppi batteries like crazy.

Nia, Fiora[edit]

Nia Fiora, you move so graceful-like. Frankly, I'm a bit jealous.
Fiora I've got that done to a T. Now I've got to work on my cooking. *sigh*

Nia, Crossette[edit]

Nia Fireworks are pretty and all, but they're so loud! Makes you wanna go and hide under a rock.
Crossette Maybe I can develop a noiseless firework just for you, Nia.

Nia, Gramps[edit]

Gramps Good, Nia. Make sure to keep Rex focused.
Nia Don't you worry Gramps! Yeah, he's got some real potential.

Tora, Vandham[edit]

Vandham Tora, you're a hell of a Driver! Don't you forget it!
Tora Mehh-meh-eh-eh! Tora is blinded by tears!

Tora, Mòrag[edit]

Tora Tora wonders if he will ever be as powerful as Mòrag.
Mòrag Strength is relative Tora, you must find your own personal strength.

Tora, Mòrag, Pyra[edit]

Tora Phew! What a heated battle!
Mòrag My apologies. Brighid may be partly to blame there.
Pyra Ah... That might be on me, sorry!

Tora, Zeke[edit]

Zeke The way you Nopon speak is so funny. Tora do this! Tora do that!
Tora Tora actually beautiful poet in Nopon language! Not Tora's fault Zeke not understand it...

Tora, Pyra[edit]

Tora Fighting make Tora toasty-toasty.
Pyra If you really wanna feel toasty, give me some ingredients and half an hour!

Tora, Mythra[edit]

Tora Mythra, why you only mean to Rex-Rex?
Mythra Hmm...? You'd rather I was mean to you?

Tora, Dromarch[edit]

Tora Dromarch so calm in battle. Amazingly cool! Tora wants to be cool and calm too.
Dromarch The first step is to stop getting so worked up about being calm!

Tora, Poppi α[edit]

Tora Is Tora good enough Driver for Poppi?
Poppi α Masterpon is Poppi's only Driver!
Poppi α Masterpon, Poppi's right arm is malfunctioning.
Tora Hold on Poppi! Masterpon will fix it!

Tora, Poppi QT[edit]

Tora Ah! What a battle! Lila's fighting spirit is AMAZING!
Poppi QT Poppi cherishes sisterpon's feelings inside here.

Tora, Poppi QTπ[edit]

Tora Poppi is so reliable! Tora so grateful!
Poppi QTπ That is because Masterpon treats Poppi so well.
Poppi QTπ Attacks will be more effective if Masterpon moves from his solar plexus.
Tora Good advices! But where is Tora's solar plexus?

Tora, Pandoria[edit]

Tora Must be tiring for Pandoria to hang out with Zeke all time.
Pandoria I can ask you the same thing!

Tora, Blade Nia[edit]

Blade Nia Raising the bar, again!
Tora Nia is most amazing Blade Tora has ever seen!

Tora, Gramps[edit]

Gramps You've improved considerably, Tora.
Tora Really? Could Tora even become as good as Rex-Rex?

Vandham, Pyra[edit]

Vandham Pyra, you don't muck about! You ain't just a pretty face, are ya?
Pyra I-I don't know what to say...

Vandham, Pyra, Gramps[edit]

Gramps I feel Rex is in good hands with you, Vandham.
Vandham Yeah. I'll start with his guns and move on to his treps.
Pyra I think Rex might be better off as he is.

Vandham, Dromarch[edit]

Vandham So, Dromarch, what do you look forward to in a Driver.
Dromarch Small enough to ride on my back, adorable features, and a little impertinent.

Vandham, Dromarch, Roc[edit]

Vandham Ah! I never thought a bird and a dog would be such good mates.
Dromarch I admire the sentiment, but must point out that I am not a dog.
Roc Better a bird and a dog than a cat and a mouse, certainly.

Vandham, Poppi α[edit]

Vandham Poppi, you're like real flesh and blood. You remind me of my lad who passed on.
Poppi α Poppi is shaped like girl, but if Vandham is happy then Poppi is happy.

Vandham, Roc[edit]

Roc Say, Vandham. Why don't you try to come up with a new technique.
Vandham Just so long as it ain't got a funny name light "Ultimate Lightning Cross Slash".
Vandham You flapped up a storm there, mate. Keep it up!
Roc You deserve part of the credit, isn't that right, mate.

Vandham, Gramps[edit]

Gramps Vandham, you think highly of Rex, do you not?
Vandham Ah...that little shrimp reminds me of my boy... I'm all right... Honest.

Mòrag, Zeke[edit]

Zeke Mòrag, you gotta teach me your thingy with the blue flames. Snazzy as hell!
Mòrag Snazzy... I see... I had forgotten some Drivers value style over substance.

Mòrag, Pyra, Brighid[edit]

Mòrag Rex, I know that you have a habit of leaving yourself open. Guard him well, Pyra.
Pyra On it!
Brighid Lady Mòrag, if I may, you seem very fond of the boy.

Mòrag, Mythra[edit]

Mòrag I'm getting somewhat grimey. You mentioned that you knew some hot springs, Mythra.
Mythra That was somewhere like five hundred years ago. I hope they're still there.

Mòrag, Dromarch[edit]

Dromarch I felt your gaze back there, Lady Mòrag. Can I help you?
Mòrag Ah..that... I was just admiring your luxurious fur.

Mòrag, Brighid[edit]

Brighid I guard lady Mòrag with my life. DON'T forget it!
Mòrag Hear hear, Brighid. We go together. Pride of the Empire emblazoned on our hearts.
Mòrag Separate walks of life united on the same front. I'm starting to warm up to this idea.
Brighid I concur. I'll have to jot down this observation in my journal.

Mòrag, Blade Nia[edit]

Mòrag That was a good stance you had there, Nia. I could see how hard you were applying yourself.
Blade Nia Er...thank you. It means a lot coming from you!

Mòrag, Perceval[edit]

Perceval Your form and stance is good, my Lady.
Mòrag I am but a rookie in the grand scheme of life, I have much to learn from you sir Perceval.

Mòrag, Newt[edit]

Newt Lady Mòrag, please share with me the secret of your overwhelming power.
Mòrag I'm afraid I have no hidden Arts to teach you. I live to fulfill what is needed of me, nothing more.

Mòrag, Zenobia[edit]

Zenobia How about we spar sometime, Mòrag? I feel like we'd learn a lot from each other.
Mòrag Heh, why not? Anything that gives me the opportunity to hone my skills.

Mòrag, Finch[edit]

Finch Morodge, how are you so cool?! You like, totally mopped the floor with them!
Mòrag You honor me, but there is one thing I must make clear: My name is Mòrag.

Mòrag, Poppibuster[edit]

Mòrag The Poppibuster, eh. Not even the Empire's finest engineers are fit to create such a feat.
Poppi Mk. II Mòrag make Poppi metaphorically blush!

Mòrag, Shulk[edit]

Shulk I'm honored to fight alongside a soldier as accomplished as yourself, Mòrag
Mòrag I too enjoy your company. I feel I stand to learn a great deal by traveling alongside you.

Mòrag, Fiora[edit]

Fiora You know, Mòrag. You remind me of my big brother a lot.
Mòrag Back up there, Fiora. Surely you meant "sister".

Mòrag, Corvin[edit]

Mòrag Magnificent form, Corvin. Your swordplay puts us all to shame.
Corvin Gee, thanks Mòrag! I'll give you a few pointers sometime.
Mòrag Ah... That'll not be necessary. I'll simply watch...from afar.

Mòrag, Gramps[edit]

Mòrag You've come a long way, Rex. Azurda has raised you well.
Gramps Rex has always had the makings. I just pushed him a little.

Zeke, Mythra[edit]

Mythra Eyes front, Thunderdweeb. Go stare at Pandoria instead.
Zeke I'm just making sure the power of the Aegis is being used correctly.

Zeke, Dromarch[edit]

Zeke Hey, Dromarch! You were kinda useful back there.
Dromarch Thank you! You, too, functioned adequately.

Zeke, Brighid[edit]

Zeke The Empire's most powerful Blade, hey. Not bad at all!
Brighid And you thought Pandoria was the strongest Blade... Ahahah!

Zeke, Pandoria[edit]

Zeke Are you all right, Pandoria?
Pandoria Why the tone, my Prince? But thank you, I'm fine!
Zeke You know, it's kinda nice to travel with such a big group of friends.
Pandoria Yeah! But sometimes it's nice to travel like this for a while, huh?

Zeke, Blade Nia[edit]

Zeke Looking good Nia.
Blade Nia Yeah, yeah... Thanks Shellhead. Though I'm not sure I like the implications.

Zeke, Perceval[edit]

Zeke Hey, Perceval! Want me to teach you the Ultimate Lightning Crosslash sometime?
Perceval I need it not.

Zeke, Kasandra[edit]

Zeke I feel a certain kind of kinship towards you, Kasandra.
Kasandra Hum, really? But my luck is rather on the good side!

Zeke, Praxis[edit]

Zeke Praxis, take off that ridiculous eyepatch! You're infringing my copyright!
Praxis I've got a condition, you poser! Take yours off if it bothers you...

Zeke, Azami[edit]

Zeke Azami, your eye is so cool.
Azami Why thank you! Nobody has praised my eyes before, that's sweet of you!

Zeke, Sheba[edit]

Sheba With such gracious movement, are we not deserving of Tantal's riches?
Zeke Cheeky beggar! You'll have to do more than that!

Zeke, Electra[edit]

Zeke Sweet bolts, Electra!
Electra Hihihi, thanks! I'll have to make them even more flashy.

Zeke, Herald[edit]

Zeke Herald, you were my great-great-great-great-grandfather's Blade, right? What was he like?
Herald Unclear. But I ask that you not awaken my powers this time.

Zeke, Patroka[edit]

Patroka Zeke, you need to get serious. Or die. Your choice.
Zeke T-Thanks for the...encouragement?

Zeke, Elma[edit]

Zeke Hey! Hang on a sec! I dropped my contact lens.
Elma I know a good optician. Hit me up if you're ever in NLA.
Zeke My advance cannot be stopped, such is the destiny of those who bear the Eye of Shining Justice!
Elma I think someone needs to take away your library card.

Zeke, Gramps[edit]

Zeke Azurda, old fella, you got a bit hustled up in there! You all right?
Azurda Oh... I'm fine. I like it in this helmet! Oh no! Ueeerrgh!

Pyra, Poppi α[edit]

Pyra Why do you speak as you do, Poppi?
Poppi α Poppi speak normally. Why others have so many extra words?

Pyra, Aegaeon[edit]

Aegaeon When a Driver is struck, their strength must ring out like a bell.
Pyra And that strength becomes our strength!

Pyra, Godfrey[edit]

Godfrey Pyra, your fiery determination got me heated up! Wooow!
Pyra Truthfully, Godfrey, I don't think it's that fiery.

Pyra, Gorg[edit]

Pyra I'm counting on you, Gorg!
Gorg Pyra, clearing the path for you is an honor.

Pyra, Dagas[edit]

Dagas Seriously? I'm kind of bored of this already...
Pyra Practice makes perfect! Someday you'll realize that.

Pyra, Praxis[edit]

Pyra You guys look after each other as sisters should!
Praxis I'll do anything to protect my little sister! It gives me motivation to fight harder!

Pyra, Adenine[edit]

Adenine I never thought I'd be able to see the Aegis fighting in the flesh. It's truly astonishing!
Pyra Oh dear... I get nervous if I know I'm being observed.

Pyra, Finch[edit]

Finch Oh man! Those steamed veggies you made the other day were super tasty, Pyra!
Pyra My pot-au-feu? Glad you liked it! "Au feu" is kind of my specialty.

Pyra, Fiora[edit]

Fiora Fighting arm in arm with someone you like... It's a great feeling, isn't it, Pyra?
Pyra Oh, mean... I wish I had your honesty, Fiora.

Pyra, Crossette[edit]

Pyra Hey, Crossette. You didn't get hurt, did you?
Crossette Ohmigosh! She talked to you. Stay calm, Crossette. You've got this. Stay cool. I'm fine! I'm great! Never better! Super healthy! Oh yeah!

Mythra, Gramps[edit]

Gramps Pyra and Mythra, your fighting styles are as different as your personalities!
Mythra And yet we could be considered two sides of the same coin.

Poppi α, Pandoria[edit]

Poppi α Poppi finally appreciates good points of Zeke.
Pandoria I have to say... I might need more time before I can appreciate Tora.

Poppi QTπ, Gramps[edit]

Gramps Excellent, Poppi! You are every inch a real Blade.
Poppi QTπ If so, that all thanks to Masterpon.

Pandoria, Blade Nia[edit]

Pandoria I don't know how I feel about you being a Blade, Nia. I can't get used to it!
Blade Nia You sure call it like you see it, heh, Pandoria... But I like working with you. Never change.

Blade Nia, Gramps[edit]

Gramps Nia, I feel abuse, insults, and colorful swearing are where your real talents lie.
Blade Nia What a mean thing to say. That's it, Gramps, no more healing for you.

Wulfric, Perceval[edit]

Wulfric The greatest against your ego.
Perceval A man of fine tastes.

Vale, Agate[edit]

Agate You're learning to hold the reins on your power, Vale. I like that!
Vale Yes, yes, whatever.

Gorg, Boreas[edit]

Boreas The sweets you made that time were delicious! Can I have some more Gorg?
Gorg Boreas, you'll always be the first to taste my newest creations.

Praxis, Theory[edit]

Theory Sis? You don't seem to be hurt, but...
Praxis Nevermind me, are you OK?! ...But you ARE tougher than me...

Perun, Kora[edit]

Kora Say, Perun, how about we visit the Ardainian hot springs together. It will be a great teambuilding exercise!
Perun While I do appreciate the need for bonding, I think bathing together might be a bit much for me.

Newt, Nim[edit]

Nim Kit, Sunny, whatever you do, don't lose to that Blade with the big arms in the next battle, okay?
Newt Huh? Why so hostile, Nim?

Sheba, Electra[edit]

Sheba Electra, you can be our very own lovable fool.
Electra Hum... Is that a compliment? Yay!

Akhos, Patroka[edit]

Akhos We used to be so close. May I still call you sister?
Patroka Ewww!