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Merc Missions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are tasks given to the party, usually received automatically upon raising an area's development level, the Merc Group's level, with Quest progress or rarely given by NPCs. Merc Missions can be found in the Merc Group menu. There are a total of 274 merc missions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, some of which can expire. Merc Missions are listed on this page, in the order they appear after completion in the Merc Group menu, divided into sections based on the location they are completed.

Types of Merc Missions[edit]

There are two different types of merc missions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are as follows:

  • Regular Missions: Missions that are repeatable, marked with a blue icon.
  • Event Missions: Missions that can only be completed once, usually due to quest progress, storyline progress or due to providing key items such as contracts or info items, marked with a pink icon.

Argentum Merc Missions[edit]

Gormott Merc Missions[edit]

Uraya Merc Missions[edit]

Mor Ardain Merc Missions[edit]

Leftheria Merc Missions[edit]

Indol Merc Missions[edit]

Tantal Merc Missions[edit]



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