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Heart-to-Heart (XC2)

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This article is about Heart-to-Hearts in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For Heart-to-Hearts in other games, see Heart-to-Heart (disambiguation).

Heart-to-Hearts are short dialogues between two or more playable Drivers and Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They can be found in most areas of the game.

To view a Heart-to-Heart, all participating Drivers have to be available and all participating Blades must be engaged to their Driver. Some cannot be viewed until the story has progressed beyond a certain point, while others require additional prerequisites to be met before they can be viewed (such as completing a particular quest or resting at a particular inn). No Heart-to-Hearts are missable.

Most Heart-to-Hearts have two different paths; the player may choose between one of two dialogue options around the middle of those that do. Each option gives a different amount of Trust to the Blade(s) involved in the Heart-to-Heart, though the extent of this varies. In some Heart-to-Hearts, one dialogue option will always give slightly more Trust to the main participating Blade than the other, and thus can be seen as the "correct" option. In others, the total Trust gain will remain the same, but how it is distributed among the participating Blades will differ; in this case, the "correct" option is whichever gives more Trust to the Blade(s) the player wishes to prioritize.

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List of Heart-to-Hearts[edit]

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