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Heart-to-Heart (XC2)

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This article is about Heart-to-Hearts in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For Heart-to-Hearts in other games, see Heart-to-Heart (disambiguation).
The location for the The Real Gramps Heart-to-Heart

Heart-to-Hearts are short dialogues between two or more playable Drivers and Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They can be found in most areas of the game.

To view a Heart-to-Heart, all participating Drivers have to be available and all participating Blades must be engaged to their Driver. Some cannot be viewed until the story has progressed beyond a certain point, while others require additional prerequisites to be met before they can be viewed (such as completing a particular quest, reaching a certain Key Affinity level or resting at a particular inn). No Heart-to-Hearts are missable.

Most Heart-to-Hearts have two different paths; the player may choose between one of two dialogue options at some point during those that do. Each option often gives a different amount of Trust to the Blade(s) involved in the Heart-to-Heart, though sometimes the same amount of Trust is awarded for both. In some Heart-to-Hearts, one dialogue option will always give slightly more Trust to the main participating Blade than the other, and thus can be seen as the "correct" option. In others, the total Trust gain will remain the same, but how it is distributed among the participating Blades will differ; in this case, the "correct" option is whichever gives more Trust to the Blade(s) the player wishes to prioritize. Some Heart-to-Hearts only feature Drivers, during such Heart-to-Hearts the participating Blades are considered to be the Drivers' story Blades.

List of Heart-to-Hearts[edit]

Name Characters Area
A Love Too Deep Azami, Mythra, Azami's Driver Upper Level, Tantal
(Airborne Throne)
A Moment's Peace Mòrag, Zeke, Brighid, Pandoria Fonsett Island, Leftheria
(Corinne's House)
A Thespian's Life Mikhail, Patroka, Mikhail's Driver Ayvill Shopping District, Mor Ardain
(Alba Cavanich)
A Tora and Poppi Production Rex, Nia, Tora, Dromarch, Poppi α, Azurda Fonsa Myma, Uraya
(Mymoma Playhouse)
Addam's Appetite Nia, Zeke, Mythra Theosoir, Tantal
(Elmos Square)
Ardainian Technology Rex, Nia, Tora, Poppi α Titan Battleship, Gormott
(Armory, 2nd Floor)
At the Seat of Power Brighid, Aegaeon Hardhaigh Palace, Mor Ardain
(Throne room)
Atonement Herald, Herald's Driver Theosoir, Tantal
(Theospiti Temple Ruins)
Before the Storm Rex, Nia, Tora, Mòrag, Zeke Lower Level, First Low Orbit Station
(Aion Hangar Entrance)
Bird's-Eye View Finch, Dromarch, Finch's Driver Titan Battleship, Gormott
(Port Balcony)
Blue Blood Dagas, Tora, Poppi α, Brighid, Pandoria, Dagas's Driver Cloudway, Leftheria
(Orl Cloudway: Fonsett)
Blushy-Crushy Nia, Tora, Pyra, Poppi α Garfont Village, Uraya
(Waypoint Market)
Bold Adventures Rex, Tora, Poppi α, Azurda Lower Level, Mor Ardain
(South of Cargo Transportation Zone)
Boreas the Gourmand Boreas, Tora, Boreas's Driver Torigoth, Gormott
(Tretl Windmill Plaza)
Burgeoning Curiosity Rex, Nia, Tora, Pyra, Dromarch, Poppi α, Azurda Upper Level - Left, Gormott
(Melnath's Shoulder)
By the Graveside Rex, Pyra, Azurda Fonsett Island, Leftheria
(Oratory Knoll Cemetery)
Class of His Own Perdido, Patroka, Perdido's Driver Waypoint Market, Uraya
(Garfont Village)
Constants Rex, Mòrag, Brighid, Pandoria Upper Level, Cliffs of Morytha
(Runo Cave-in)
Curse of the Zekenator Dromarch, Brighid, Pandoria Upper Level, Tantal
(south of Three-Vein Crossroads)
Daybreak KOS-MOS, Tora, Dromarch, KOS-MOS's Driver Lower Level, First Low Orbit Station
(Storage Area Entrance)
Desolate Land Floren, Floren's Driver Upper Level, First Low Orbit Station
(road over the dried lake in Elysium)
Dromarch's Wisdom Rex, Nia, Pyra, Dromarch Alba Cavanich, Mor Ardain
(Nharil Central Plaza)
Eternal Rest Rex, Mòrag, Zeke, Brighid, Pandoria, Azurda Lower Level, Spirit Crucible Elpys
(Vault of Heroes)
Family Ties Mòrag, Pyra, Mythra Upper Level, Cliffs of Morytha
(Morytha Falls)
Five Centuries of Memory Rex, Nia, Mòrag, Zeke, Azurda Upper Level, Spirit Crucible Elpys
(Canyon of Husks)
Forward-Looking Woman Kasandra, Kasandra's Driver Lower Level, Cliffs of Morytha
(Gotrock Oracle Ruins)
Free as a Bird Obrona, Akhos, Obrona's Driver Fonsett Waters, Leftheria
(Isle of Urchon)
Girl Power Kora, Pyra, Poppi α, Brighid, Pandoria, Kora's Driver Fonsa Myma, Uraya
(Blossomshade Cliff)
Good Habits Poppi QT, Brighid Goldmouth, Argentum
(Lemour Inn)
Growing Up Tora, Pyra, Poppi QT Fonsett Waters, Leftheria
(Ansel Hatchery)
Hard Life Rex, Zeke, Pyra, Pandoria Torigoth, Gormott
(Tretl Windmill Plaza)
Impassioned Thoughts Agate, Tora, Poppi α, Agate's Driver Lower Level, World Tree
(Waste Store)
Indomitable Will Perun, Perun's Driver Lower Level, Tantal
(Stele of Judgment)
Legendary Land Rex, Mòrag, Zeke Lower Level, World Tree
(Lv. 2, Mizar: Central Deck)
Life Goes On Roc, Rex Garfont Village, Uraya
(Shrine of Light)
Little Rex Rex, Nia, Pyra, Azurda Fonsett Island, Leftheria
(Rex's Secret Base)
Lone Wolf Sever, Cressidus, Sever's Driver Upper Level - Right, Gormott
(Cape Singbreeze)
Mad About Titan Weapons Newt, Newt's Driver Hardhaigh Palace (location), Mor Ardain
(Hardhaigh Palace)
Mòrag the Chef Mòrag, Pyra, Brighid Goldmouth, Argentum
(Rumbletum Canteen)
Morytha the Unknown Rex, Zeke, Nia Streets, Land of Morytha
(View of a Lost Time)
Muscle Power Cressidus, Mikhail, Cressidus's Driver Torigoth Relay Base, Gormott
Mythra Vs. Brighid Mythra, Dromarch, Brighid Streets, Land of Morytha
(in front of the Fallen Skyscraper)
Nim-Speak Nim, Tora, Pandoria, Nim's Driver Central Plain, Temperantia
(Ardainian Garrison)
Not Quite Comfortable Yet Ursula, Tora, Ursula's Driver Stomach, Uraya
(Cobalt Cliffs)
Open Your Eyes Mòrag, Zeke Theoscaldia Palace, Tantal
(Silvergleam Terrace)
Pandoria's Troubles Mòrag, Pandoria Fonsa Myma, Uraya
(Commercial District)
Patroka's Predilections Patroka, Mythra, Akhos, Patroka's Driver Fonsett Island, Leftheria
(Verde Carpentry Workshop)
Poetic License Perceval, Brighid, Perceval's Driver Theosoir, Tantal
(balcony overlooking Elmos Square)
Poppi's Remodel? Tora, Pyra, Poppi α, Brighid Torigoth, Gormott
(Tora's House)
Quantum Technochampion π Tora, Zeke, Poppi QTπ Lower Level, World Tree
(Lv. 2, Mizar: Lower Deck)
Reconciliation Tora, Mòrag, Poppi QT, Brighid Ruins of Judicium, Temperantia
(Titan Weapon Dig Site)
Reunion Vess, Vess's Driver Torigoth, Gormott
(Tretl Windmill Plaza)
Rough Diamond Praxis, Theory, Praxis's Driver Cloudway, Leftheria
(south of Orl Cloudway: Fonsett)
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Rex, Tora, Mòrag, Zeke Alba Cavanich, Mor Ardain
(Smùide Hot Spring)
Self-Confidence Electra, Pyra, Electra's Driver Streets, Land of Morytha
(Wall Power Control Room)
Servant of Justice Godfrey, Godfrey's Driver Lower Level, Tantal
(Heimos's Crevasse)
Sheba's Dream Sheba, Pyra, Brighid, Sheba's Driver Goldmouth, Argentum
(Central Exchange)
Sisterly Love Theory, Praxis, Theory's Driver Upper Level - Right, Gormott
(Lyta Oasis)
Stronger Than Light Zenobia, Mythra, Zenobia's Driver Decaying Titan, Land of Morytha
(Womb Hollow)
Sweet Strategy Gorg, Tora, Gorg's Driver Theosoir, Tantal
(cafe down the stairs from Elmos Square)
Tending to Turters Nia, Mòrag, Pandoria Upper Level, Tantal
(Sekis Pillar)
The Ground Beneath our Feet Nia, Mòrag Hardhaigh Palace, Mor Ardain
(Grian, Wing Area #2)
The Kindness of Blades Wulfric, Tora, Wulfric's Driver Fonsett Island, Leftheria
(Fonsett Residential Area)
The Literary Life Akhos, Patroka, Akhos's Driver Olethro Ruins, Uraya
(Olethro Playhouse)
The Purest Beauty? Dahlia, Brighid, Dahlia's Driver Upper Level - Right, Gormott
(Honeypot Grotto)
The Real Gramps Rex, Pyra, Nia, Tora, Poppi α, Azurda Lower Level, Gormott
(Forgotten Waste)
Top of the World Mòrag, Zeke, Brighid, Pandoria Upper Level, First Low Orbit Station
(Rhadamanthus Portal)
Tora's Angst Rex, Nia, Tora, Poppi α Stomach, Uraya
(Farlaine Wells)
Tora's Tribe Rex, Tora, Poppi QTπ Old Factory, Mor Ardain
(Central Control Room)
Unforgiving Terrain Rex, Nia, Tora, Pyra, Dromarch, Poppi α, Azurda Upper Level, Mor Ardain
(Old Industrial District)
Vale's Weakness Vale, Tora, Pyra, Poppi α, Vale's Driver Alba Cavanich, Mor Ardain
(Jakolo's Inn)
Walking Encyclopedia Adenine, Adenine's Driver Goldmouth, Argentum
(Argentum Bazaar)
What's in a Name? Zeke, Pyra, Pandoria Upper Level, Tantal
(Genbu Port)