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The Tiger! Tiger! arcade cabinet

Tiger! Tiger! is a minigame available in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is based on retro arcade games and was made by Tora's grandfather, Soosoo. It is located in Tora's House in Torigoth, Gormott Province, and is unlocked once Tora's Blade, Poppi, is awakened. This minigame is tied to the ability to use Poppiswap and thus both customize and upgrade Poppi, as well as the development of Poppi α's Affinity Chart.



Upon interacting with the arcade cabinet, a load screen will be displayed. Once the game is loaded, three options will be displayed, a choice between two difficulty modes "Normal" and "Easy", and an option to end the game. Once a difficulty is selected, a stage select screen will be displayed, allowing the player to choose between 5 stages, only one of which is unlocked by default while the other stages made available with story progress.

Upon selecting a stage the game will begin. The screen will begin scrolling down vertically. The goal of the game is to gather Ether Crystals and up to 8 small treasure troves scattered around the stage. The player can attack using an harpoon by pressing A and move around the screen with directional inputs.

Upon arriving to the bottom, the screen will stop scrolling and the player must collect a big treasure trove, upon which the screen will begin to scroll upward after a short time. Due to the character holding the big treasure trove, the player cannot attack during this section of the level. The stage is completed once the player has safely escaped back to the surface.


  • Normal mode: Making contact with the terrain will count as a hit, making the player lose health and a treasure trove.
  • Easy mode: Making contact with the terrain no longer counts as a hit. The player's high score will be denoted with a "." at the end.


Many enemies can be found roaming along the way to the bottom. While some follow a pre-determined path, others will attack the player if they get too close to them. Upon making contact with an enemy, health will be lost and a treasure trove will be dropped if any are held.


During the game, three types of power-ups can be collected to make diving through the stage easier. They are as follows:

  • An oxygen bottle: It will refill part of the player's health.
  • A cog: Allows the harpoon to be used diagonally. Additionally, this power-up is lost instead of a treasure trove upon being hit by an enemy or hitting the stage in normal mode.
  • A ball of light: The player will be invincible for a short time.


Stages are generated randomly using a set of pre-made stage pieces. A bonus room can sometimes be found in stages, which gives away bonus ether crystals.

List of Stages
Stage Prerequisites
Stage 1 Unlocked by default
Stage 2 After the party winds up in Uraya
Stage 3 After the party arrives in Mor Ardain
Stage 4 After the party reaches Tantal
Stage 5 After chapter 8 begins


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  • No Damage: Finish with a full Air meter (damage can still be taken as long as it is fully recovered). Increases final score.
  • Ether Complete: All ether crystals collected in the main area (secret area is optional). Increases the total ether crystal reward.
  • Treasure Complete: Collect all of the treasure without losing any of it. Increases the total ether crystal reward.
  • Perfect: Take no damage, collect all ether crystals (excluding bonus area), and collect all treasure without losing any. Increases both the final score and the total ether crystal reward.
  • No Kill (Secret Bonus): Complete the stage without killing a single enemy (enemies can still be damaged as long as they are not killed). Increases the final score.


After all troves were opened, and the final score was displayed, a list of the rewards collected will be shown. Those rewards include:

  • Ether Crystals, both those collected during the stage and those found in treasure troves. In case of a game over, only the crystals found during the stage will be kept.
  • Parts that can be used in Poppiswap to improve Poppi found in treasure troves. The large treasure trove at the end can drop stronger parts compared to the eight smaller treasure troves.
  • Core crystals very rarely drop from treasure troves.
  • Beating a certain score is required for some of Poppi's Affinity Chart nodes such as Emergency Mode's third and fourth level.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Tiger! Tiger!
Japan flag.svg Japanese TIGER! TIGER! Literal translation of Tora's name, twice.
France flag.svg French Tiger! Tiger!
Germany flag.svg German Tiger! Tiger!
Spain flag.svg Spanish Tiger! Tiger!
Italy flag.svg Italian Tiger! Tiger!
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) TIGER! TIGER!
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) TIGER!TIGER!
South Korea flag.svg Korean TIGER! TIGER!