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The party setup in Torna ~ The Golden Country is similar to that of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 functionally, but with several important differences. The party consists of three teams, each consisting of one Driver and two Blades:

Story circumstances may mean that not every member of every team (or possibly that not every team) are available. Besides these circumstances, all three full teams are typically in the party at once, and all may participate in combat.

Active Blade[edit]

Only one of the two Blades may be active (visible on the field) at once. Which one this is can be switched at any time using a Blade Switch: in the overworld (including in combat) this is done using D-pad left, whereas in the character menu it is done with R. Switching Blades in combat has a cooldown of around 10 seconds.

Vanguard and Rear Guard[edit]

Either the active Blade or the Driver takes the position of the Vanguard (equivalent to the Driver in the main game), with the other taking the position of Rear Guard (equivalent to the Blade in the main game). Characters in the Vanguard use Vanguard Arts (the equivalent of Driver Arts), whereas those in the Rear Guard use Rear Guard Arts (the equivalent of Blade Arts). The character in the Vanguard can be switched using a Vanguard Switch, done using D-pad up (or Y in the character menu). Similarly to Blade Switching, this has a cooldown when done in combat; this cooldown is independent of that for the Blade Switch.

During a Vanguard Switch, the character being switched into the Vanguard performs a Switch Art unique to that character. These are attacks which deal damage and inflict a stage of the Driver Combo.

Unlike in the main game, Specials are performed by the character in the Vanguard.

List of Switch Arts[edit]

Art Character Weapon Description
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Touch-Me-Not TTGC character icon Lora.png Lora XC2 weapon icon Battle Braid.png Battle Braid Launch
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Illustrious Slash TTGC character icon Addam.png Addam XC2 weapon icon Greatsword.png Greatsword AOE / Topple
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Sword Strike TTGC character icon Hugo.png Hugo XC2 weapon icon Arming Sword.png Arming Sword Smash
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Thin Ice TTGC character icon Jin.png Jin XC2 weapon icon Nodachi.png Nodachi Topple
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Stormy Skies TTGC character icon Haze.png Haze XC2 weapon icon Crosier.png Crosier Smash
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Blinding Flash TTGC character icon Mythra.png Mythra XC2 weapon icon Aegis Sword.png Aegis Sword Smash
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Sierpe TTGC character icon Minoth.png Minoth XC2 weapon icon Gunknives.png Gunknives Break / Evasion
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Leaping Blaze TTGC character icon Brighid.png Brighid XC2 weapon icon Whipswords.png Whipswords Break
XC2 driver art icon switch.png Rushing Tide TTGC character icon Aegaeon.png Aegaeon XC2 weapon icon Chroma Katana.png Chroma Katana Launch / Evasion

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