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Enemy Art (XC2)

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For other articles titled "Enemy Art", see Enemy Art (disambiguation).

Enemy Arts are the attacks that enemies use in the combat of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. Enemy auto-attacks are internally treated as enemy Arts. Some Arts are shared between multiple enemies, whereas others are exclusive.

When an enemy uses an Art, text appears below their HP bar indicating the Art they are using.

There are over a thousand enemy Arts and not all of them are used, which makes listing them impractical. They can be found in Category:Enemy Battle Arts (XC2).


Enemy Arts are like party member attacks in multiple ways: they are specified as physical/ether (using the enemy's Strength/Ether stat respectively to determine damage), have a power/damage ratio (possibly distributed across multiple hits), a finite cooldown (which may be reduced by certain enemy skills), and may have a bonus to hit chance or crit rate. The key differences are as follows:

  • Enemy Arts may have a greater variety of special effects:
    • They can inflict many debuffs that the party cannot, as well as further effects such as Affinity Down.
    • They may force Driver Combo stages even if the target is not inflicted with the previous stage.
    • They may cause other enemies to spawn, or cause already-existing enemies within a range to join the fight or become Enraged.
  • Enemy Arts may have different element to the element the enemy uses for purposes of calculating incoming damage.
  • Enemy Arts have an additional property which determines whether or not the Art may trigger a vision.


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