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Stat (XC2)

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This article lists the stats in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country.

Driver stats[edit]

Driver stats are primarily dependent upon the Driver's level. Each Driver has a given value of each stat at level 1 and level 99, and the values increase linearly in intermediate levels: ignoring rounding, a stat increases by the same amount at each level up. The exception is idea levels, which are calculated differently.

  • HP: The Driver's maximum health points. They become incapacitated if HP falls to 0.
  • Strength: Affects damage of physical Arts.
  • Ether: Affects damage and healing of ether Arts.
  • Dexterity: Affects attack accuracy.
  • Agility: Affects the chance to evade enemy attacks.
  • Luck: Makes it easier to resist enemy debuffs and reactions like Topple. Also affects the chance of getting a Rare Blade.
  • Idea levels: Increases the damage of attacks of the matching elements by +5% per level, with the highest level increasing the odds of receiving a Blade of the matching elements by +5% per level.

Blade stats[edit]

These stats are linked to the Blade and augment the Driver's abilities when the Blade is active.

  • Role: Attacker, Healer, or Tank. Affects the Class of the Driver.
  • Auto-attack: Affects the damage of all attacks (not just auto-attacks).
  • Block rate: Affects the chance for a Blade to block an enemy attack.
  • Critical rate: Affects the chance to perform a critical hit, which multiplies damage by 1.25 alongside other beneficial effects.
  • Physical Defense: Reduces the damage from physical attacks by the percentage shown.
  • Ether Defense: Reduces the damage from ether attacks by the percentage shown.
  • Strength (Blade): Calculated as a base value plus the number of affinities unlocked on their Affinity Chart. Used for Merc Missions.
  • Trust: Acts similar to a Blade's level. Higher Trust grants access to further parts of the Affinity Chart, and it increases Auto-attack, Special attacks, Blade Art rates, and cooldown.
  • Cooldown: The amount of time a Blade takes to recharge after being switched out before they can be called back into battle.
  • Strength/Ether/Defense Mod.: Increases the Driver's stats by the percentage listed. (This affects the Driver even when the Blade is not active, as long as they are equipped.)
  • Personality: Affects the rate of affinity gain and loss.