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Fire Mastery

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Fire Mastery
XC2 Affinity Chart icon Field Skill.png
Description The power of a Fire Blade.
Category Elemental Mastery
Common Blades Yes

Fire Mastery is a Field Skill in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It can be found on common, rare or legendary Fire Blades alike. Common Blades with the Fire element are guaranteed to have this skill.


Fire Mastery is one of the easier Field Skills to cover, which is fortunate as it's also one of the more common skills required in Field Skill checks. Six levels are available from guaranteed story Blades (four of which will almost certainly be obtained via regular gameplay), and any further levels required may be covered simply by opening Core Crystals until common Blades with the Fire element are obtained.

While several Field Skill checks which need Fire Mastery are required to advance the story, most of these are effectively tutorials for Field Skills and are guaranteed to be covered by Pyra. The exception is a level 3 check in the Spirit Crucible Elpys which is necessary to proceed past the Middle Worm-Ridden Cave, at which point only two levels of the skill are available via guaranteed Blades. For this, it is necessary to use one or two Fire-element common Blades to cover the remainder.

Affinity Chart[edit]


Level Requirements Reward text
I (unlocked) -
II Discover an area. (Previous instances count toward total.) (x12) We've visited so many different places. Which one was your favorite?
IV Collect stuff. (Previous instances count toward total.) (x25) Look at all the things we've collected... Do you see any good ingredients?
V -


Level Requirements Reward text
I (unlocked) -
II -
III Defeat a Hool Arachno in Tantal. (x5)
Revealed after the party reaches Tantal
The power of flame burns stronger yet.
IV -
V Defeat a Spirit Lexos at the World Tree. (x4)
Revealed after the party enters the World Tree
My flame burns just as bright as Pyra's.


Level Requirements Reward text
I (unlocked) -
II -
III Defeat a Segel Ansel in Leftheria. (x5)
Revealed after the party enters the Cloudway in Leftheria
My flames burn more fiercely than ever.
IV -
V Defeat a Vay Taos at the World Tree. (x4)
Revealed after the party enters the World Tree
Am I proving useful to you?

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Fire Mastery
Japan flag.svg Japanese ()属性 (ぞくせい) (ちから) Power of Fire Element
France flag.svg French Maîtrise du feu
Germany flag.svg German Feuer-Element Fire element
Spain flag.svg Spanish Dominio del fuego
Italy flag.svg Italian Padronanza: Fuoco
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 火属性之力
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 火屬性之力
South Korea flag.svg Korean 화속성의 힘