Accuracy Up (XC2)

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Accuracy Up
Caption Increases accuracy.
Type Buff
Base value 25
Base duration 15s
Base cooldown 20s
Trigger interval 3s
Base probability 75%
For other articles titled "Accuracy Up", see Accuracy Up (disambiguation).

Accuracy Up is a Blade Art and associated buff in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It increases the recipient's accuracy by 25% for 15 seconds. The effect triggers 75% of the time whenever the Blade's Driver uses an auto-attack or art that misses.


Blade Cooldown modifier
Adenine 0.75x
Aegaeon 0.75x
Agate 0.75x
Azami 1.25x
Boreas 1x
Corvin 0.75x
Dahlia 1.25x
Dromarch 1x
Nim 0.75x
Perdido 1x
Perun 1.25x
Praxis 0.75x
Pyra 0.75x
Shulk 0.75x
Theory 0.75x

In addition, Poppi can use this art when equipped with AC Accuracy Up.