Arts Plus

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Arts Plus
Caption Boosts power of next Driver Art.
Type Buff
Base value 50
Base duration Indefinite
Base cooldown 25s
Trigger interval 3s
Base probability 50%

Arts Plus is a Blade Art and associated buff in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It increases the damage of the recipient's next Driver Art by 50%. The effect triggers 50% of the time whenever the Blade's Driver has an art finish recharging.


Blade Cooldown modifier
Azami 0.75x
Cressidus 0.75x
Crossette 0.75x
Dagas 0.75x
Dagas 1.5x
Dahlia 1x
Elma 1x
Fiora 1x
Godfrey 1.25x
Herald 0.5x
KOS-MOS 0.75x
Kasandra 1.25x
Mikhail 0.75x
Pandoria 0.75x
Patroka 0.75x
Pneuma 0.5x
Pyra 1.25x
Roc 1x
Sheba 1x
T-elos 0.75x
Vale 1x
Wulfric 0.75x
Zenobia 1x

In addition, Poppi can use this art when equipped with AC Arts Boost.