Absorb Damage

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Absorb Damage
Caption Erects a barrier that absorbs fixed dmg.
Type Buff
Base value 10
Base duration Indefinite
Base cooldown 30s
Trigger interval 3s
Base probability 50%

Absorb Damage (called out as Armor Veil) is a Blade Art and associated buff in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It creates a barrier that takes damage for the recipient, and lasts until it has taken damage equal to 10% of the recipient's max HP. The effect triggers 50% of the time whenever the Blade's Driver takes damage.


Blade Cooldown modifier
Akhos 0.75x
Brighid 0.75x
Catalyst 1.5x
Electra 1x
Gorg 0.75x
Newt 1.25x
Vess 1x

In addition, Poppi can use this art when equipped with AC Damage Absorb.