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Orl Cloudway Far View.jpg
Location Leftherian Archipelago
Connects to Rigitte Waters
Fonsett Waters
Music Leftherian Archipelago
Leftherian Archipelago/Night

The Cloudway is a sub-area in Leftheria in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a set of two tunnels through the Cloud Sea ridge surrounding the central Titan of the archipelago.


The Cloudway consists of two passageways through the Cloud Sea ridge, a wall of clouds created around the Leftherian Archipelago's main Titan, that connect the southern waters to the northern waters.

One of the passageways is the Orl Cloudway, accessed from Daram Isle on the Rigitte Waters' side and leading to the Ansel Hatchery on the Fonsett Waters' side. The way is obstructed by the Titan the first time the party goes through, with them needing to touch the Titan's reflex center nearby to open the way.

The other passageway is the Lud Cloudway, accessed from the Isle of Sleeping Remains on the Rigitte Waters' side and leading to Godsford Isle on the Fonsett Waters' side. Unlike the Orld Cloudway, Luc Cloudway is open all the way through, with a larger opening around the middle.



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