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The Zohar (known as the Conduit in Xenoblade Chronicles 2) is a major reoccuring object in the Xeno-series. Although it may vary in name and appearance, different versions of the Zohar have thus far appeared or have been indirectly referenced in every Xeno-subseries.

Common elements[edit]

Games with detailed explanations of the Zohar typically describe it as having a link to a higher dimension, thus providing access to an effectively infinite amount of energy from the games' perspectives. In the Xenoblade Chronicles series, the Conduit is also used as a gateway to other parallel universes.

In all appearances, the Zohar is monolithic in nature, though the amount of detail on its surface and the presence and shape of its arms varies between appearances.

In Xenogears[edit]

Main article: Zohar (XG)
The Zohar as seen in Xenogears.

The Zohar as it is seen in Xenogears appears as a giant rectangular structure, roughly 30 metres wide and 80 metres tall. Its main body is yellow, and it has a single giant eye which originally housed Kadomony. Rays of texture etched into the body emanate from the eye.

The Zohar serves as the power source of Deus. The Wave Existence is trapped within the Zohar and wishes to escape.

According to Perfect Works, the Zohar has a power to manipulate matter and energy in such a manner to realise any physically possible events in a process called "phenomenon phase shift". Those who can interfere with the Zohar (e.g. Fei) are able to use this (typically subconsciously) to realise their preferred events.

In Xenosaga[edit]

Main article: Zohar (XS)
The Zohar as seen in the Xenosaga series.

In Xenosaga, the Zohar is a large golden rectangular slab with two trapezoidal protrusions on the sides, forming a sort of cross. Its front features an intricate design, including what appears to be text, surrounding a turquoise jewel-like object in the centre of the arms. When the Zohar is activated, lines on its surface glow green and white.

The Zohar was discovered in 20XX at Lake Turkana in Kenya by a group of scientists led by Dr. Masuda.

It is described as "an infinite energy source" and serves as a principal point of dispute between multiple factions during the Xenosaga timeline. In actuality, it is a gate between the higher-dimension power of U-DO and the lower dimension where humans physically exist. Activating the Zohar can produce different phenomena, such as space-time anomalies.

The Zohar should not be confused with the Zohar Emulators which are human-created objects that resonate with the waves emanating from the Original Zohar. As derivatives, their power output is lower and more unstable.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

The Conduit as seen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Main article: Conduit

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, an object that has many commonalities with the Zohar from previous entries in the Xeno series is known as the "Conduit". It is shaped like a giant broad cross and glows with a bright white-green light.

The Conduit was discovered in Africa at the beginning of the 21st century. The Conduit is a source of infinite energy as well as a portal to parallel universes. At the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the Conduit seemingly disappears from that universe.

While never referred to as "Zohar" anywhere in-game, small pieces of evidence within the files confirm that there is an intended commonality. For example, the same-shaped Core Crystal of the Siren model is named "zohar".

As a motif[edit]

The Zohar or Conduit appears as a visual motif in the Xeno series, even when it does not directly appear in an entry.