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Yasunori Mitsuda
Yasunori Mitsuda.jpg
Born 1972-01-21 (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan)
Japanese name 光田 康典
Gender Male
Role Composer
Sound Producer
Affiliations Wolf Team (1990-1991)
Square (1992-1998)
Procyon Studio (2001-present)
Sleigh Bells (2001-present)
Contributions Xenogears
Xenosaga Episode I
Xenoblade Chronicles
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Yasunori Mitsuda is a Japanese musician and composer of video game and soundtrack music. He has been the lead composer for several games in the Xeno series and has contributed to the music of several others. He founded Procyon Studio, a music production studio, and Sleigh Bells, a record company.


Mitsuda was born on the 21st of January, 1972 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan (in the former city of Tokuyama). He began learning classical piano at the age of five but quit a year later.[1] He got into computers in the 4th-5th grade of elementary school due to owning a personal computer (which at the time was rare), with which he experimented with composing electronic music as well as making basic games.[2] In high school, Mitsuda gained a serious interest in composing soundtrack music after watching movies such as Railman,[1] and decided to enrol in Tokyo's Junior College of Music.

While in the college, Mitsuda got a job as an intern with Wolf Team (now merged into Bandai Namco).[3] This internship lasted for about a year, during which time Mitsuda worked under Motoi Sakuraba, a composer with whom Mitsuda would work on various projects later in life. After finishing his college course, Mitsuda got a job as composer and sound engineer at Square's sound team in April 1992.

Mitsuda's first substantial piece of composition work at Square was the soundtrack for Chrono Trigger, which Mitsuda claims is his "landmark" work.[1] At Square he worked with Tetsuya Takahashi to write the music for Xenogears. He also produced arrangement albums of his soundtracks, such as CREID.

Mitsuda left Square in 1998 to become a freelance composer. In 2001 he founded his own music production studio, Procyon Studio, and alongside it a record company, Sleigh Bells. He has worked under this label until the present day, composing music for games in the Xeno series as well as other video games such as Soma Bringer, soundtracks such as Inazuma Eleven, and independent projects such as Kirite.

Relevance to the Xeno series[edit]

Mitsuda is one of the leading composers across the Xeno series as a whole, being responsible for a substantial amount of music for many games in the series.


  • Composer (all tracks)
  • Arranger
  • Performer (keyboard)
  • Music producer

Xenosaga Episode I[edit]

  • Composer (almost all tracks)[note 1]
  • Arranger and orchestrator
  • Music producer
  • Music programming
  • Performer (keyboard)
  • Synthesiser programming
  • ProTools operator

Xenosaga Episode II[edit]

Xenosaga Episode III[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

Non-mainline games[edit]


  • Composer (all tracks)
  • Arranger (all tracks)
  • Musician (Acoustic piano, keyboards, clapping, vocals)
  • Programming
  • Lyricist (CREID)
  • Producer
  • Director

-MYTH- The Xenogears Orchestral Album[edit]

Xenogears Original Soundtrack Revival Disc -the first and the last-[edit]

  • Composer (all tracks)
  • Arranger (almost all tracks)[note 7]
  • Musician (Keyboard)
  • Copyist

Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert -The Beginning and the End-[edit]

  • Composer (all tracks)
  • Arranger
  • Musician (Synthesiser, percussion, bouzouki)
  • Editing

Other media[edit]

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  1. Mitsuda composed all music for Xenosaga Episode I except for Green Sleeves, a traditional piece.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Nephilim and Song of Nephilim (Xenosaga III ver.) are arrangements of Mitsuda's composition Song of Nephilim from the music of Xenosaga Episode I.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Mitsuda is co-credited on this composition by Mariam Abounnasr.
  4. Mitsuda is co-credited on this composition by Kenji Hiramatsu.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Mitsuda is co-credited on this composition by Manami Kiyota.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 Mitsuda is co-credited on this composition by Manami Kiyota as a composer but not an arranger in the JASRAC copyright data, but as an arranger but not a composer on the official website. As these tracks use the Moebius 3 melody composed by Mitsuda, the former is likely to have been intended.
  7. The End of Childhood (Revival Version) and The Beginning and the End (Revival Version) were arranged by Mariam Abounnasr.


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