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Yaldabaoth (Mechonis Core)

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Species Face Mechon
Location Mechonis Core (Mechonis Core)
Level range 72

Yaldabaoth is a boss in Xenoblade Chronicles.



Base Scaling
Level 72
HP 300,000 24,100
Strength 1,400 6
Ether 1,100 2
Agility 110 4
10,273 452
Base level only.
See spawnpoints table
for specific values.
Power 1.00
Accuracy +0%
Damage type Physical
Element Normal
Range 2.00m
Delay 3.0s
Double attack rate 0%
Counter-attack rate 0%
Physical defence 0%
Ether defence 0%
Defence direction None
HP limit 10%
Resistances / Immunities
XC1 Icon Status Break.png Break Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Pierce.png Pierce Imm.
XC1 Icon Status Topple.png Topple Imm. XC1 icon death skull.png Instant Death Imm.
XC1 Icon Status Daze.png Daze Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Strength Down.png Strength Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Slow.png Slow Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Ether Down.png Ether Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Paralysis.png Paralysis Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Agility Down.png Agility Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Bind.png Bind Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Phys Def Down.png Phys. Def. Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Lock-On.png Lock-On Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Ether Def Down.png Ether Def. Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Status Sleep.png Sleep Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Arts Seal.png Arts Seal Imm.
XC1 Icon Debuff Confused.png Confuse Imm. XC1 Icon Debuff Aura Seal.png Aura Seal Imm.
Type Ground
Walk speed 0m/s
Run speed 0m/s
Detection XC1 enemy icon detect sight.png
100m range, 360° angle
Nametag XC1 enemy icon frame boss.png Boss XC1 enemy icon frame boss.png
Size category Huge
Model scale 1.0x
Classis Face
Music An Obstacle in Our Path
Priority 4
Flags Topple duration: 1.0x
High ground vulnerability: 1.0x


Disclaimer: This is the list of arts the enemy can use. The enemy will not necessarily choose to use them.

Art Talent gauge Windup Cooldown Damage type Power Hits Range Status Knockback
Strength Model 0% 1.0s Physical 3.25 3.50 1 Opponent, line 30.00m long by 4.00m wide None Pushback, level 1
Weakness Model 0% 1.0s 15.0s Physical 2.25 2.50 1 Opponent, cone 30.00m long of 120° angle
XC1 Icon Status Topple.png Topple (3.0s) Pushback, level 1
Continual Model 0% 1.0s 20.0s Physical 2.75 3.00 1 Opponent, cone 30.00m long of 120° angle
XC1 Icon Debuff Arts Seal.png Arts Seal (20.0s) Pushback, level 1
Chastise 0% 1.0s 30.0s Status 0.00 0.00 0 Opponent, all XC1 Icon Debuff Bind.png Bind (10.0s) None
Bionis Slash X 0% 1.2s Once Physical
1 Opponent, circle around user of 90.00m radius None None
Manufacture Drone 0% 1.0s 30.0s Status 0.00 0.00 0 Self, single target up to 2.00m away Summon enemy (index 2) None
Manufacture Drone 0% 1.0s 30.0s Status 0.00 0.00 0 Self, single target up to 2.00m away Summon enemy (index 3) None
Energy Replenish 0% 1.0s Once Status 0.00 0.00 0 Self, single target up to 2.00m away Invincible (300.0s), Summon enemy (index 0) (on self) None


Item drop formula explanation
The item drop forumla is complex and divided into multiple parts. (Percentages given are specific to this enemy.)
  • Chest selection - There is a 0% chance of dropping a gold chest. If it fails, there is a 0% chance of dropping a silver chest. If it fails, there is a 0% chance of dropping a wood chest. If it fails, no chest is dropped.
    • Squads - Only the last enemy in a squad may drop a chest. The chance of getting a gold chest is tripled to 0%, and if this fails, a silver chest is 100% guaranteed if available.
  • Material selection
    • Wood chest - There is a 0% chance of dropping the first material. If it fails, the second material is dropped instead. If it succeeds, there is a 0% chance of also getting the second material as well.
    • Silver/gold chest - This enemy always drops the first material.
  • Other loot selection - The item selected is based on a straightforward "relative odds" selection, for both the item category and the item in the selected category. If an item from this category has been selected already, duplicates are not allowed.
  • Crystal strength - This enemy's crystals will vary between 80% and 90% for the first attribute, though there is a 25% chance of it being between 92% and 99% instead. If there is a second attribute, it will use these ranges divided by 2.
As a result of these rules, the resulting probabilities can vary wildly from the raw percentage values, but it is the raw values that matter for effects that alter them, such as Riki's chest-manipulating skills.
Chest contents
Chest type Normal drops Rare drops Super-rare drops %
Wood 1 or 2 0 0 0.00%
Silver 1 2 0 0.00%
Gold 1 1 2 0.00%
Normal drops
Materials Wood Silver/Gold
(no materials)
Rare drops
Crystals 0.0%
Weapons 0.0%
Equipment 0.0%
Super-rare drops
Weapons 0.0%
Unique weapons 0.0%
Unique equipment 0.0%
Art books 0.0%


ID Position Time Weather Story range Level EXP AP Scale Prob. Count
X Y Z Mrn. Day Eve. Ngt. Clear Rebirth Clear Earliest Latest
2.12 #1 -2.0 -14.0 0.0 356After [point 356] 72 10,273 452 1.0x 100% 1


When a summon art is used, the user goes to its own spawnpoint and looks up the index matching that of the summon art, which spawns all enemies attached to that spawnpoint. As a result, what spawns is dependent on both the art used and the enemy's original spawnpoint. This table is being drawn because the enemy has a summoning art equipped, regardless of whether there's anything in it for said art to use.

This table only displays enemies and spawn probability. For further details, see the enemy and spawnpoint pages.

Parent spawn Summon index Child spawn Enemy 1 Enemy 2 Enemy 3 Enemy 4 Enemy 5
#2 1 #3 Energy DeviceStory-limited (100%) Energy DeviceStory-limited (100%) Energy DeviceStory-limited (100%)
#2 2 #4 Offensive/MOTORStory-limited (100%) Offensive/MOTORStory-limited (100%)
#2 3 #5 Exterminator/CLOCKStory-limited (100%) Exterminator/CLOCKStory-limited (100%)
XC1 map ma2301 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg

Bionis Slash X[edit]

Yaldabaoth's talent art, Bionis Slash X, is unique in many ways.

  • It is shown as the Mechonis atttacking the Bionis, rather than Yaldabaoth attacking the party, and deals infinite damage. In "reality", it hits all around Yaldabaoth and automatically defeats all party members regardless of any other effects.
  • Despite being level 10, a level 10 Monado Shield cannot block it. (Shulk can't put a shield around the entire Bionis, and it isn't part of the party anyways.)
  • It triggers a vision 120 seconds (2 minutes) long, far longer than any other battle vision.
  • When the above vision occurs, the Save Bionis story quest is obtained.
  • Dazing Yaldabaoth deletes the vision entirely, rather than simply changing it to a different art. As Yaldabaoth will be invincible for 300 seconds (5 minutes) from having used Energy Replenish, the only way to do so is by completing the story quest, which forces daze outside of the battle system (and removes the limit on Yaldabaoth's HP so it can be defeated).