Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year

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Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year
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Release date 2005 - 2006 (Flash version)
2006-08 (guide version)
Script Norihiko Yonesaka (Flash)
Yuichiro Takeda (guide)

Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year ~Fragments of Truth Sealed in the U.M.N.~ (ゼノサーガ エピソードII to III a missing year 〜U.M.N.に封印されし真実断片〜), also known simply as Xenosaga: A Missing Year, is a Flash video series that was released on Namco's Japanese website around 2005-2006. It was taken down some time after the release of Xenosaga Episode III; a novelized version was later made available in the Episode III Official Complete Guide. Neither version was officially released outside of Japan.



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A Missing Year, as the title suggests, bridges the gap between Xenosaga Episode II and Episode III by explaining the events that occurred during the year between games that caused Shion to leave Vector and eventually join Scientia.


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