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Xenoblade2 Original Soundtrack

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Xenoblade2 Original Soundtrack
Xenoblade2 Original Soundtrack.png
Soundtrack cover artwork by Masatsugu Saito
Original Title ゼノブレイド2 オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Kenji Hiramatsu
Manami Kiyota
Source(s) Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Track count 126
Release date(s) 2018-05-23
Product code SBPS-0024 (Type A)
SBPS-0025~30 (Type B)
SBPS-0031~5 (Type C)
Soundtrack label Sleigh Bells
Manufacturer Procyon Studio
Original price ¥4,500
Links Official website

The Xenoblade2 Original Soundtrack (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Original Soundtrack on Amazon Music and in the Trinity release) is the official soundtrack set for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the most complete release of the music of this game. It was composed by ACE, Kenji Hiramatsu, Manami Kiyota and Yasunori Mitsuda. It includes tracks from the base game, covering cutscene, battle, field, and menu themes distributed across five discs. A sixth disc (exclusive to the Type A and B versions) includes short gameplay sound elements and several piano arrangements of tracks from the first five discs.

Three different versions were put on sale, all made available on May 23, 2018:

  • Type A: This version was released as a USB drive in the shape of the Aegis Core. It contains all of the music on the OST, including the extra tracks included in the 6th disc (mentioned above), as well as a 120-page booklet about the music of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a card with the signatures of the composers. Only 2,000 copies were made.
  • Type B: This version was released as the 6 CDs, covering all the tracks on the OST (as mentioned above), as well as the booklet and card in the Type A version and sheet music for Where We Used to Be. The front of each of the CDs features the official render of one of the Drivers: Rex, Nia, Tora, Mòrag, Zeke, and Vandham respectively. It was also a very limited release.
  • Type C: This version included the first 5 CDs from the Type B version, and a 12-page booklet featuring a track list, lyrics for the English-language songs, and credits. Besides being available physically, this version was also made available as a digital download on Amazon US and iTunes US.

Before the official release, a selection album with a few tracks (mainly from the early in-game regions and cutscenes) was released bundled with the Collectors Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, titled Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sound Selection, in December 2017. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Kingdom of Torna Original Soundtrack includes Torna ~ The Golden Country tracks, and it was published in December 14, 2018.

The music of the Type C soundtrack is also included as part of the Xenoblade Chronicles Original Soundtrack Trinity Box.

Track List[edit]

This list is based on the Type B version. The English names are taken from the iTunes version. As the Disc 6 tracks haven't received any international release, the names for them are unofficial translations taken from the VGMdb listing.

Nr. English name Original name Composer(s) Arranger(s)
Disc 1
1 Xenoblade II - Where It All Began - Xenoblade II - Where It All Began - Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
2 Elysium, in the Blue Sky Elysium, in the Blue Sky Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
3 Argentum アヴァリティア商会 (しょうかい) ACE ACE
4 Argentum/Night アヴァリティア商会 (しょうかい)/ (よる) ACE ACE
5 Bana's Theme バーンのテーマ Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
6 A Ship in a Stormy Sea (あらし)船上 (せんじょう) ACE ACE
7 The Ancient Vessel 古代船 (こだいせん) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
8 Exploration Exploration ACE ACE
9 A Portent Crawling Over (うごめ)くモノ Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
10 Elysium in the Dream (ゆめ) (なか)楽園 (らくえん) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
11 The Awakening 目覚 (めざ) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
12 Crossing Swords (まじ)わる (けん) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
13 Incoming! Incoming! ACE ACE
14 Gormotti Forest グーラ (りょう)/森林 (しんりん) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
15 Gormott グーラ (りょう) ACE ACE
16 Gormott/Night グーラ (りょう)/ (よる) ACE ACE
17 Battle!! 戦闘 (せんとう)!! Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
18 Torigoth トリゴの (まち) ACE ACE
19 Torigoth/Night トリゴの (まち)/ (よる) ACE ACE
20 Wanted Nia 人相書 (にんそうが)きとニア ACE ACE
21 Omens of Life 生命 (せいめい)予兆 (よちょう) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
22 Awakened DNA ブレイド誕生 (たんじょう) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
23 A Nopon's Life ノポンの少年 (しょうねん) ACE ACE
24 Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
25 A Brewing Storm ()ちこめる暗雲 (あんうん) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
Disc 2
1 Titan Battleship 巨神獣戦艦 (きょしんじゅうせんかん) ACE ACE
2 Monster Surprised You Monster Surprised You Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
3 Irritation 焦燥 (しょうそう) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
4 Where We Used to Be ()りし ()のふたり Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
5 Friendship ()れあい Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
6 The Towering Yggdrasil そびえ ()世界樹 (せかいじゅ) Kenji Hiramatsu
Yasunori Mitsuda
Kenji Hiramatsu
7 Ophion サーペント ACE ACE
8 Womb Center インヴィディア/ (はら) (なか) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
9 Garfont Mercenaries フレースヴェルグ傭兵団 (ようへいだん) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
10 Garfont Mercenaries/Night フレースヴェルグ傭兵団 (ようへいだん)/ (よる) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
11 Death Match With Torna 死闘 (しとう)イーラ ACE ACE
12 Kingdom of Uraya インヴィディア烈王国 (れつおうこく) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
13 Kingdom of Uraya/Night インヴィディア烈王国 (れつおうこく)/ (よる) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
14 Those Who Stand Against Our Path () () (はば) (もの)たち ACE ACE
15 Fonsa Myma 首都 (しゅと)フォンス・マイム Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
16 Fonsa Myma/Night 首都 (しゅと)フォンス・マイム/ (よる) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
17 The Heroic Adventures 英雄 (えいゆう)生涯 (しょうがい) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
18 The Beginning of Darkness (やみ)始動 (しどう) ACE ACE
19 Drifting Soul Drifting Soul ACE ACE
Disc 3
1 Counterattack Counterattack Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
2 You Will Recall Our Names さらに () (かん)する (もの)たち Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
3 Desolation 哀惜 (あいせき) ACE ACE
4 Contrition 悔恨 (かいこん) ACE ACE
5 War and Peace ブリーフィング Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
6 Driver Vs ドライバー VS ACE ACE
7 Alba Cavanich 帝都 (ていと)アルバ・マーゲン ACE ACE
8 Alba Cavanich/Night 帝都 (ていと)アルバ・マーゲン/ (よる) ACE ACE
9 Running 疾走 (しっそう) ACE ACE
10 Mor Ardain - Roaming the Wastes - スペルビア帝国 (ていこく) ~赤土 (あかつち) () ()けて~ Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
11 Mor Ardain/Night スペルビア帝国 (ていこく)/ (よる) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
12 Eye of Shining Justice 覇王 (はおう)心眼 (しんがん) ACE ACE
13 Bringer of Chaos! Ultimate 雷轟 (らいごう)!アルティメット ACE ACE
14 Song of Giga Rosa 最強 (さいきょう)サクラの (うた) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
15 Jump Towards the Morning Sun 朝陽 (ちょうよう) () Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
16 Leftherian Archipelago リベラリタス島嶼群 (とうしょぐん) ACE ACE
17 Leftherian Archipelago/Night リベラリタス島嶼群 (とうしょぐん)/ (よる) ACE ACE
18 Gramps 故郷 (こきょう) ACE ACE
19 Gramps/Night 故郷/夜 (こきょう/よる) ACE ACE
20 A Place in the Sun ()だまりの (なか) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
Disc 4
1 Our Eternal Land Our Eternal Land Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
2 We Are the Chosen Ones We Are the Chosen Ones Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
3 Misgivings 疑念 (ぎねん) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
4 The Impending Crisis (せま)りくる危機 (きき) ACE ACE
5 Temperantia テンペランティア ACE ACE
6 Over the Sinful Entreaty 罪深 (つみぶか)懇望 (こんもう) ()てに Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
Mariam Abounnasr
7 Tantal ルクスリア王国 (おうこく) ACE ACE
8 Tantal/Night ルクスリア王国 (おうこく)/ (よる) ACE ACE
9 Ever Come to an End Ever Come to an End Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
10 Shadow of the Lowlands Shadow of the Lowlands Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
11 The Past Revealed (あば)かれる過去 (かこ) ACE ACE
12 The Decision 意志 (いし) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
13 Loneliness 寂寞 (せきばく) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
14 Spirit Crucible Elpys エルピス霊洞 (れいどう) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
15 Tensed Mind () ()めた (いと) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
16 Drifting Soul (Violin Version) Drifting Soul (Violin Version) ACE ACE
17 A Faint Hope (かす)かな希望 (きぼう) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
18 Cliffs of Morytha モルスの断崖 (だんがい) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
19 Still, Move Forward! それでも、 (まえ) (すす)め! Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
20 Land of Morytha モルスの () ACE ACE
Disc 5
1 Yggdrasil ユグドラシル Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
2 Past From Far Distance (とお)く、 (はる)かな過去 (かこ) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
3 With People and Darkness (ひと) (やみ) Yasunori Mitsuda
4 The Power of Jin シンの (ちから) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
5 Praetor Amalthus - The Acting God - マルベーニ 〜 (かみ)代行者 (だいこうしゃ) Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
6 Walking with You (きみ) (ある) (みち) ACE ACE
7 Orbital Ring オービタルリング Yasunori Mitsuda Manami Kiyota
8 The Abandoned City 廃墟 (はいきょ) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
9 Heart in the Fog 彷徨 (さまよ) (こころ) Manami Kiyota Manami Kiyota
10 Flashback フラッシュバック ACE ACE
11 Sea of Clouds (しず)かなる雲海 (うんかい) ACE ACE
12 Disappearing World ()えゆく世界 (せかい) ACE ACE
13 Battle in the Skies Above Battle in the Skies Above ACE ACE
14 After Despair and Hope 絶望 (ぜつぼう)希望 (きぼう)…そして Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
15 Our Hope 二人 (ふたり) (のぞ) Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
16 Parting 決別 (けつべつ) Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
17 The Tomorrow With You (きみ)との未来 (みらい) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
Mariam Abounnasr
18 Escape - Going Through Clouds - 脱出 (だっしゅつ) ~ (くも) ()けて~ Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
19 Elysium 楽園 (らくえん) Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
20 White All Around Us White All Around Us Yasunori Mitsuda Mariam Abounnasr
21 One Last You One Last You Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
Disc 6
1 New Area (しん)エリア発見 (はっけん) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
2 Tutorial チュートリアル Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
3 Quest Order クエスト受注 (じゅちゅう) Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
4 Landmark ランドマーク Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
5 Secret Area 秘境発見 (ひきょうはっけん) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
6 Peaceful Mind (やす)らう (こころ) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
7 Level Up レベルアップ Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
8 Blade Obtained ブレイドゲット Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
9 Rare Blade Obtained レアブレイドゲット Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
10 Blade Chosen ブレイド確定 (かくてい) ACE ACE
11 Battle Result バトルリザルト Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
12 Salvage Result サルベージリザルト Kenji Hiramatsu Kenji Hiramatsu
13 Affinity Chart Complete キズナリングコンプリート ACE ACE
14 Hunting Succeeded 討伐成功 (とうばつせいこう) ACE ACE
15 Skill in Action スキル発動 (はつどう) Yasunori Mitsuda Yasunori Mitsuda
16 Quest Clear クエスト達成 (たっせい) ACE ACE
17 Gormott (Piano Arrange) グーラ (りょう) (Piano Arrange) ACE Ivan Linn
18 Battle!! (Piano Arrange) 戦闘 (せんとう)!! (Piano Arrange) Kenji Hiramatsu Ivan Linn
19 The Ancient Vessel (Piano Arrange) 古代船 (こだいせん) (Piano Arrange) Manami Kiyota Ivan Linn
20 Counterattack (Piano Arrange) Counterattack (Piano Arrange) Kenji Hiramatsu Ivan Linn
21 One Last You (Piano Arrange) One Last You (Piano Arrange) Yasunori Mitsuda Ivan Linn


(Credits are taken from pages 119-123 of the booklet in the Type A/Type B versions.)


Yasunori Mitsuda
Kenji Hiramatsu
Manami Kiyota


Mariam Abounnasr (PROCYON STUDIO)
[DISC1] M01
[DISC4] M06, M12, M17
[DISC5] M04, M05, M16, M17, M18, M19, M20

Piano Arrange

Takayuki Yoshimura / Disc3 M03 "Desolation"


Tetsuya Takahashi (MONOLITHSOFT)

Lyric Translation

LYSSA & Castro Satoshi

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Hiroyuki Akita

Recording Engineer

Go Kodachi (Studio Slinky)

Assistant Engineers

Toshiyuki Kawahito (VICTOR STUDIO)
Ryuma Annaka (birdie house)
Mai Kondo (Landmark Studio)
Yuta Tateishi (SHANGRI-LA Inc.)
Genya Koga (Studio Slinky)

Recording Location

Kanagawa Art Hall
Sony Music Studios Tokyo
Landmark Studio
Studio Slinky
Studio O

Sound Producer

Yasunori Mitsuda (PROCYON STUDIO)

Recording Coordinators

Tsutomu Satomi (SHANGRI-LA Inc.)
Kiyoshi Tsuda (SHANGRI-LA Inc.)
Keita Korematsu (PLANKTON)
Ryosuke Mozumi (FACE MUSIC)
Yasunori Mitsuda (PROCYON STUDIO)
Kenji Hiramatsu

Recording Interpreter

Mariam Abounnasr (PROCYON STUDIO)


Yasunori Mitsuda (PROCYON STUDIO)
Mariam Abounnasr (PROCYON STUDIO)
Takayasu Seo (Music engrave Ruth-ya)

Music Production Cooperation

Keiko Kawashima [川島恵子] (Plankton)
Yasunori Mitsuda

Orchestra Session[edit]


Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra


Yasunao Ishida

Concertmaster & Solo Violin

Tetsuo Tozawa


Shimpei Sasaki, Mirai Abe



Michael McGlynn


Michael McGlynn Disc4 M02 "We Are the Chosen Ones"
Andrea Delaney Disc4 M09 "Ever Come to an End"
Dónal Kearney Disc4 M10 "Shadow of the Lowlands"

Andrea Delaney, Dominique Cunningham, Dónal Kearney, Francis Flood, Hannah Traynor, Jan Kuhar, Michael McGlynn, Miriam Blennerhassett, Nick Stoppel, Rachel Thompson, Sam Kreidenweis, Sara Di Bella, Zachary Trouton

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Brian Masterson

Recording Location

Sony Music Studio

Bratislava Symphony Choir[edit]


David Hernando Rico

Recording Engineer

Martin Roller

Chorus Preparation

Ondrej Šaraj


Jan Mazan

Recording Location

The Slovak National Radio



Jen Bird, Manami Kiyota, CHiCO (ACE)

Low Whistle, Tin Whistle

Akio Noguchi

Irish Harp

Chiaki Umeda


Febian Reza Pane, Kenji Hiramatsu


Kenji Hiramatsu


Yu Manabe


Reiko Tsuchiya


Yu "masshoi" Yamauchi

Acoustic Guitar & Banjo & Mandolin

Kouichirou Tashiro

Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar

Kiyofumi Mochizuki, Masato Ishinari, YOKOTARO, Tomori Kudo (ACE)

Electric Guitar

Kenji Hiramatsu

Electric Bass & Wood Bass & Acoustic Bass


Electric Bass

Yousuke Mochida, Hitoshi Watanabe

Flute & Alto Flute

Hideyo Takakuwa, Yumika Miyazaki

Piccolo & Flute

Michiyo Morikawa


Dogen Kinowaki, Akane Suzuki


Bunkichi Arakawa, Kanami Araki

Oboe & Cor Anglais

Miyuki Onishi


Hidehito Naka, Naoki Aouda, Hiroyuki Fukushima, Yurie Shinotsuka


Masamichi Sasazaki, Juri Miyazaki, Yohta Minakami, Nonoka Ishii

Solo Flugelhorn

Mitsuhiro Kojima


Jonathan Hammill, Tomohiro Kato, Yuta Ohno, Yu Suzuki

Solo Trumpet & Trumpet

Kenichi Tsujimoto


Cheonho Yoon, Toshio Tanaka


Hikaru Koga, Hisami Okumura, Sakon Ishihara


Shimpei Tsugita

Orchestra Percussion

Midori Takada, Megumi Nozaki, Kazumasa Oya, Yasunori Mitsuda

Whistling & Whistle & Percussion


Muroya Strings[edit]

Solo Violin & 1st Violin

Koichiro Muroya

1st Violin

Tomomi Tokunaga, Ayaka Notomi, Aya Ito, Shoko Oki, Kyoko Ishigame, Yuki Nakajima, Risa Yamamoto, Rina Odera, Tetsuo Tsushima, Yuhki Naoi, Machi Okabe

2nd Violin

Shizuka Kawaguchi, Yuya Yanagihara, Shin Eai-sung, Emiko Ujikawa, Yuichi Endo, Riyoko Matsui, Tsunehiro Shigyou, Hanako Uesato, Koichi Yokomizo, Mika Naramura, Nio Taguchi

Solo Viola & Viola

Yuya Minorikawa


Yuri Matsumoto, Naoko Kakutani, Chikako Nishimura, Takahiro Enokido, Gentaro Sakaguchi, Masaki Shono, Tomoko Shimaoka

Solo Cello

Hiroki Kadowaki

Solo Cello & Cello

Masami Horisawa


Takahiro Yuki, Takayoshi Okuizumi, Jun Nakamura, Tomoki Iwanaga, Masutami Endo


Jun Saito, Yoshinobu Takeshita, Yasuyuki Se, Shigeki Ippon, Koji Akaike

Deluxe Edition Piano Arrange[edit]

Piano Arrange & Performance

Ivan Linn

Recording Engineer

Robin Moore

Mixing Engineer

Hiroyuki Akita

Production Manager

Claudia Shao

Mixing Service

Goldstones Studios

Recording Location

Fraser Performance Studio, WGBH

Scoring Stage Manager

Thomas Devlin

Mixing Legal

Peter Myerson

Recording Coordinator

Lisa Nakamura (PROCYON STUDIO)

Mastering Engineer

Hiroyuki Shiotsuki (Sony Music Communications)

Mastering Location

Sony Music Studio


Yasunori Mitsuda (PROCYON STUDIO)

Label Director

Lisa Nakamura (PROCYON STUDIO)

Assistant Label Director


Booklet Design

Tadashi Shimada (T.S.D), Norie Kadokura


Lisa Nakamura (PROCYON STUDIO)

Deluxe Edition Box Design

Eiji Takahashi (Monolith Soft)


Masatsugu Saito


Kenji Hiramatsu, PROCYON STUDIO

Interviewing, Writing & Editing

Lisa Nakamura (PROCYON STUDIO)

Writing & Editing

Hidetaka Nagayoshi

Promotion & Sales Planning



Monolith Soft
Tetsuya Takahashi, Koh Kojima, Toshiaki Yajima, Koji Hayashi, Eiji Takahashi, Mamoru Ohta, Takako Shijo
Mariam Abounnasr (PROCYON STUDIO)
Tsutomu Satomi (SHANGRI-LA Inc.)
Yu "masshoi" Yamauchi
Kiyofumi Mochizuki
Keita Korematsu (PLANKTON)
Michael McGlynn (ANÚNA)
Jen Bird
Hiroyuki Akita

Promotion & Sales Cooperation

Tetsuya Kakita (Sony Music Communications)
Yuma Ogata


Monolith Soft

Special Thanks

Genki Yokota (Nintendo)
Ryuto Kojima (I-TECH JAPAN)

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