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Wiki icon - Policy.svg This is a policy, a standard that all users should be aware of and follow.
Do not edit this page unless you have consensus about it on the talk page.

When creating an account, the most important decision to make is that of choosing a username. In general, users can pick any name they want. However, there are some rules, which this policy details.

Username rules[edit]

A username is not okay if:

  • It is clearly offensive. Hard swears, controversial statements, and direct insults are not acceptable usernames.
  • It is entirely incomprehensible. A username of "jf408c6zf04jf749g4j" is very difficult for other users to work with. Naming yourself after a Xenoblade Chronicles X music track is not an excuse.
  • It is mostly non-Roman characters. While we value the efforts of users who specialize in non-Roman languages, we ask that your username is something that we don't have to copy-paste in order to refer to it.
  • It is excessively long. Overly long usernames can misalign wiki elements and waste people's time (reading and writing). Wikipedia blocks usernames longer than 40 characters, so try to stay under 30.
  • It is so similar to another user's that it is easy to confuse the two. This goes double if that other user has significant contributions or holds a staff position.


If a user signs up with a username that breaks these rules, a staff member should take action.

  1. Post on the user's talk page and basically explain "your name is bad w.r.t. [the policy], tell us what you want instead".
  2. If the name is real bad, block them immediately and indefinitely. If it's borderline, let them be unless they show no signs of responding to the rename request.
  3. Once a new name has been selected, a bureaucrat can go to Special:RenameUser and carry it out, unblocking the user if necessary.
  4. The user might instead make a second account under an acceptable username. Not what we asked for, but it's not a huge deal. Block the old one if it wasn't already.