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Wiki icon - Policy.svg This is a policy, a standard that all users should be aware of and follow.
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This page details the process for requesting knighthood on Xeno Series Wiki.


Prospective knights should follow the following:

  • Copy and paste the following block of text into the "current requests" section.
*[link1 #1]
*[link2 #2]
*[link3 #3]
([[Special:Contributions/Username|cntrbs.]]) ~~~~
  • Replace Username with your username.
  • Replace link1, link2, and link3 with links to three times you undid edits where you would have used rollback if you had it. To get this link, you have two options.
    • Go to your contributions, find the undo in question, and click its "diff" link. Then take what's in the address bar.
    • Go to the history of the page in question. Find the undo and click the "prev" link. Then take what's in the address bar.
      • Alternatively, you may use the option buttons to group multiple of your undos together and click "Compare selected revisions", and take that as your example.
  • Do not edit any of the other text, add notes or comments, change the format, etc.

At this point, a bureaucrat reviews the request and decides what to do with it.

  • If all three examples would be correct uses of rollback, the request is passed.
  • If none of the examples would be correct uses of rollback, the request is failed.
  • Otherwise, the bureaucrat can do a few things. Some examples are:
    • They may decide to pass or fail the request anyway, because they've seen something that has convinced them despite the inconclusive examples (e.g. two were correct, but the one wrong one was clearly in bad faith).
    • They may ask for clarification. The nominee may make their case as to why their disputed examples would indeed be valid rollbacks.
    • They may ask for further examples, if the existing ones are too borderline, or the b'crat decides one of them is not valid and allows it to be replaced.
    • They may open the request to discussion by other users.


  • Only self-nominations are allowed.
  • Other users should not comment, unless the request has been explicitly opened for discussion.
  • Applying incorrectly will likely result in its cancellation, though you may try again if you do it right this time. Applying incorrectly multiple times will probably result in being barred from applying for at least a month.
  • If you get demoted for some reason, you can't re-apply for at least a month afterward. (But consider that a month is probably not enough for the staff to view you as being worthy of reinstatement.)
  • You may not use the same example undo in two different RfNs (unless one of then was cancelled and didn't count).


The examples you provide in your request are to show you understand the purpose of rollback. Therefore, you should not provide examples that are related to each other. Reverting a single vandal's edits five times within an hour is only really a single example.

Because rollback is a fairly minor ability, the nomination process should be fairly quick and painless. This is why other users should not comment unless a request has been explicitly opened for it, and if they do, they should be brief about it.

If you are having trouble finding edits to undo in order to gain knighthood, do not simply submit your request with weaker examples anyway. If you have no edits that could have been rollbacks, then that by itself demonstrates you don't currently need rollback, because you are not getting to the vandalism before other editors are.

Note that while knights also have the patrolling right, no mention of patrolling is in the RfN process. This is because the patrol ability is basically the opposite of rollback: if an edit isn't worthy of being rollbacked, you've just successfully patrolled it. In addition, patrolling is basically impossible to damage the wiki with, whereas rollback can easily cause a lot of problems if abused. If you understand rollback, you understand patrolling.

Current requests[edit]