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Wiki icon - Policy.svg This is a policy, a standard that all users should be aware of and follow.
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We don't get new Xeno games often, and that's how we like it. But every now and then there'll be one, and we have to deal with it.


There are several "steps" in what happens as a new game (or a new DLC for a game) approaches and passes. Each one has its own rules and guidelines.


  • We'll need a page for the game, obviously. This is the absolute minimum.
  • Other stuff will need pages on a case-by-case basis, probably just characters and locations to start with.
  • If there's a name collision with an existing page, it needs to be pretty dang obvious that the new thing will have equal prominence (e.g. the main character's name). Otherwise, it shouldn't overtake the main page name or force a disambiguation page.
  • All pages require {{future content}} at the top.

New info[edit]

"New info" can be a trailer, official website post, tweet from the developer, and so on.

  • Stuff is going to be revealed. Whether these need pages now, or can wait until later, can only be decided on a case-by-case basis. In general we should only stick to provable information, not inferred information, unless it's fairly blatant.
  • Name collisions may need to be re-evaluated as new details emerge.
  • We're not spoiler-free, so we're not going to try and decide what should or shouldn't be added or publicised on that basis.


The game is going to leak, even if just a few days early.

  • We're not going to pretend leaked info doesn't exist - it'll be treated as everything else. However, it must have an external source attached in order to be included.
  • We're not spoiler-free, but it's still kind of a jerk move to make spoilery info too prominent before a game is even out. It may be better to just be patient, and only add it after the true release.
  • We will not host any leaked content, such as ripped sprites or data numbers, until the game has been released proper.



  • All the {{recent release}}can be removed after two months. A bot will probably do most of this.