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Wiki icon - Guideline.svg This is a guideline, a principle that all users should be aware of and try to follow.
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This is the manual of style for the wiki. It defines guidelines for how text should be written.

Article titles[edit]

  • Titles should be singular rather than plural.
  • Titles should be nouns rather than verbs.
  • If a multi-word title is not a proper noun, then the words should not all be capitalized.
  • If a page requires disambiguation, first try to resolve it by specifying the game in question (e.g. "Back Slash (XC1)"). If this is not sufficient, how to proceed further will depend on the subject.


  • Because article titles are level-one headers, articles should only contain level-two headers and below.
  • Subsections should be one level offset than their parent, not more.
  • Like article titles, headers should not capitalize all the words if they are not proper nouns.
  • Headers should be kept short.


  • Paragraphs should be used to break up long stretches of text.
  • The article's subject should be in bold text in the first sentence. Using bold text to emphasize names in lists is acceptable (if they are not links). Bold text should be otherwise generally avoided.
  • Italics should be used to mark the names of games. Using italics for emphasis can be acceptable.
  • Other forms of text decoration (e.g. underlines or colours) should not be used.
    • An exception may be made if the text is replicating its appearance from the original source. This should still only apply to tables and templates, not prose.

Writing style[edit]

  • While formality is generally best, an amount of flippancy is acceptable.
  • Profanity should be avoided when possible. It is almost always possible; the only exception is in direct quotations.
  • For summaries of in-game events, present tense should be used whenever possible.
  • Abbreviations should be spelt out in full the first time they are used in an article, and perhaps again at the start of a long section.
  • Avoid second-person writing (e.g. "you can do this") in favour of third-person (e.g. "the player can do this" or "[character] can do this").
  • In regards to American vs. British English spelling differences, the preference is to match that of the article's subject (e.g. articles relating to Xenoblade Chronicles should use British English because this is what the game uses). If the article has no such obvious affiliation, either is acceptable, as long as the whole article is self-consistent. One should not edit a page solely to change one spelling to another.
  • Similarly, in-game units are likely to remain in metric even if Nintendo of America displays them otherwise. Always note the metric number as the primary, and only show the non-metric one as a sidenote.

Internal links[edit]

  • Articles only need to be linked to once, or maybe again at the start of a later section.
  • Use efficient links where possible. [[Item|items]] isn't necessary when [[item]]s works, and [[Page#Specific section|text]] isn't necessary if [[Specific section]] is a functional redirect - especially because "Specific section" might later be split into its own page, and doing it this way means less work repointing existing links. Redirects in general are harmless.
    • It may be prefereable to make exceptions to the "use redirects" guideline for navbox templates, as redirects do not apply the "current page is bold" formatting to links.