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Featured articles are the cream of the crop, the best articles the wiki has to offer. This is a full list of every one that is eligible for being displayed on the main page.

Articles that are featured but not eligible for the main page are available on this page instead.

Turters.pngTurters is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the pet turtle of the great Zeke von Genbu (also known as the Zekenator (and sometimes just Zeke)), and therefore serves as his mascot as he travels the world. Turters normally lives in Zeke's coat pocket, though he appears to be more concerned with his own adventures, sneaking away towards the company of others before being inevitably rescued. While perhaps Turters himself doesn't do much at all, Zeke and his partner Pandoria view him as a reminder of home, the turtle-shaped Kingdom of Tantal, and treasure him deeply.
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XenobladeX Original Soundtrack.jpgThe music of Xenoblade Chronicles X is very different than that of the rest of the Xeno series. In contrast to the more classical and orchestral themes of the other games, it is heavy and industrial, with a strong emphasis on percussion and intelligible vocals. Many tracks were written as two or three pieces in one, with each section being used for an entirely different purpose in-game. Every track was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, who named each track with his personal system of almost entirely gibberish titles with a secret encoded meaning.
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