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This wiki relies heavily on data templates. They allow a way to input raw data straight from a game for ease of entry and calculation, while also displaying it in a user-friendly matter.


  • This website hosts a rather comprehensive database of data tables for Xenoblade Chronicles 1, X, and 2. It may require some specialized knowledge to initially decrypt, but once figured out, it can be turned into a data template that any user can fill out.
  • No similar source of in-game data is currently known for other games.

Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

This wiki uses Semantic MediaWiki for analysing and quering data. When combined with data templates, it is a simple and powerful method to link pages together and guarantee information accuracy with minimal effort.

For example, perhaps we want to list all the arts that can inflict Break in XC1. We could rely on editors maintaining such a list manually, but we have a better alternative: use a query for the wiki to figure it out by itself. Here is the annotated query:

{{#ask:                        // begin the query
[[xc1 pc art st_type::18]] OR [[xc1 pc art sp_proc::1]][[xc1 pc art sp_val1::18]] // get all the arts that inflict Break (status 18) or have a special condition that inflcits Break
|?pagename                     // get the name of the page, in case it has a (XC1) specifier or similar
|?xc1 pc art id                // get the art's ID number
|?xc1 pc art pc                // get the art's user
|?xc1 pc art name              // get the name of the art
|?xc1 pc art help              // get the ingame description of the art
|sort=xc1 pc art pc            // sort the results by character
|template=XC1 PC art table row // use this template to display each row of data
|named args=yes                // allow the above template to take "xc1 pc art id" etc. as named parameters, to better control input and display
}} // uncommented lines are for cleaner data display

Similar queries can be used to display an enemy's list of arts in different formats depending on the page, without needing to ensure that the information is correct for every usage.