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Bureaucrats (or b'crats) are users trusted with a few extra powers and responsibilities to keep the wiki running well. They are essentially the next step up from being an administrator. Users can request to be granted bureaucratship at Xeno Series Wiki:Requests for bureaucratship.

Bureaucrat rights[edit]

In addition to all the powers of admins, bureaucrats can:

  • Edit the interwiki table
  • Rename users
  • Promote (and demote) other users
  • Peek at account IP addresses ("checkuser") in order to detect malicious multi-account users
  • Hide usernames and edits from public viewing (e.g. those that reveal personal information)

Bureaucrat duties[edit]

B'crats are essentially the admin of admins; they are trusted to decide who becomes an admin and who does not. Obviously, this can have very powerful effects on the wiki as a whole, so it is critical that both existing staff and the community as a whole trust them before they are appointed.