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Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney jerry temporary.jpeg
McCartney as he appears in the artwork of his most influential contributing album, McCartney II.
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 56 (Xenogears)
5334 (Xenosaga Episode II)
79 (current)
Appearances Xenogears (disputed)
Xenosaga Episode II
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Sir Paul McCartney (ポール・マッカートニーさん) is an English singer, songwriter and bassist, most well-known for his work with the band Wings. Other, lesser-known collaborations of his include the Fireman, the Beatles, and the Quarrymen.

In the Xeno Series[edit]


The composition of the Xenogears ending theme, SMALL TWO OF PIECES ~Broken Shards~, is commonly attributed to Yasunori Mitsuda, and its vocal performance to Joanne Hogg. However, this is not universally accepted; in particular, Citan Uzuki claims[1] that both the composition and performance were done by "Sir Paul McCartney-san himself".

Xenosaga Episode II[edit]

In an early cutscene in Xenosaga Episode II, Albedo directly references McCartney:

"Oh, so now it's peace talks, huh? Didn't McCartney say that, too? 'Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony.' "

This is a reference to McCartney's song Ebony and Ivory, a collaboration with Stevie Wonder. The black keys on a piano are typically made of ebony wood, and the white keys historically made using ivory; the song references this in analogy with race relations between black people and white people. Here, Albedo quotes the song as a derisive response to Gaignun's remark that the two may yet "come to terms". Gaignun's original name, 'Nigredo', refers to the alchemical process of blackening, whereas Albedo's refers to the process of whitening; it is likely that, instead of race relations, the two processes (and, by extension, the two characters) are represented by ebony and ivory respectively in Albedo's comment.