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This article is about the good ending in Torna ~ The Golden Country. For the good ending in the Metroid series, see Pencil Eraser (Majora's Mask).

The Good Ending (グッドエンド, "good end") is a hidden ending of Torna ~ The Golden Country. It was introduced with version 1.2.0 on Feburary 29, 2022, just a few weeks after the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Unlocking the good ending[edit]

Following steps need to be taken in order to get the good ending:

  • Update the game to version 1.2.0.
    • This update can only be downloaded from South Korea. It works for both the western and Asian versions of the game, but a VPN may be required to download it.
    • There is no update available for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which means the physical version or the North American standalone digital version of Torna ~ The Golden Country is required. Both an international update and an Expansion Pass version are scheduled for later this year, or beyond. But not now.
  • Not have a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 save file.
    • The game also checks for a save file in the save data cloud. However, it can be tricked by temporarily activating airplane mode.
  • Raising all trust to S+++.
  • Achieving maximum Community including the secret members (Amalthus, Gort, Pyra, Rynea, and [[Proto-Turters]]).
  • Complete [[Torigoth reconstruction]].
  • Have Omnom award Mythra's food the best score in the Cooking minigame.

Plot changes[edit]

All changes occur after the battle against Malos at the Soaring Rostrum.

  • Malos doesn't attack Auresco, and all its refugees such as Milton survive
  • Lora and Haze finally find time to go shopping. They buy a huge Bunnie plush for Mikhail.
  • All the people believed dead in Torigoth are alive. Their graves were a hoax plotted by [[Cha-cha]], a distant ancestor of Chu-Chu.
    • The Gormotti man found at the cemetery was Cha-cha's lover, and he's actually dead, which is kinda sad.
  • Mythra has learned to produce edible things that can almost be described as "food".


According to Tetsuya Takahashi, the good ending was always planned to be the correct storyline. However, when he was supposed to share his vision for his next game with the rest of Monolith Soft and Nintendo, he had a particularly bad day. In his frustration, he changed the plot to be more depressing.

He has also revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be based on the future set in the good ending. That means that Pyra will not reappear. Mythra makes a cameo appearance as a star cook in the [[Agnus Royal Restauraint]]. To bridge the gap between Torna ~ The Golden Country and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Monolith Soft has confirmed that they are planning nto release [[Xenoblade Chronicles 2 HD]] for the Wii U in 2024. This updated version will be based on the new storyline.


The good ending was generally praised for being a great way to reexperience the story of Torna ~ The Golden Country in a different light. Due tu the extreme difficulty in playing it, however, only a few outlets have reviewed it.

Famitsu gave it an unusual 27/30. One of the reviewers failed to complete the cooking minigame and couldn't review it. The three others praised the new storyline and the original idea of an aftermarket "happy ending" DLC. IGN also liked the story and stated "While the story itself isn't groundbreaking, it was a delight to see how Laura and Gin could finally fulfill their dream of building their house and adpoting Michael. We were sad to see that Fan La Norne was missing from the game, though."