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We like a good joke around here. As a result, one day a year on April 1st (with allowance for time zones), we relax some of our rules in order to give people a chance to do some sillies.

Since we're currently a pretty small wiki with enough active staff to monitor all our active users, we're pretty free on rules for our April Fools festivites. But as time goes on, we will lock things down a little more. Here's the current ruleset:

  • Be creative. The best sort of joke is of the form "this is true in an alternate universe", rather than something like "hahah lol I changed all the Es on this page to Fs".
  • Don't trash other jokes, don't do stuff in bad taste, don't render something completely unusable, and just don't be a jerk in general.
  • Keep to mainspace; don't touch templates, categories, data, and so on.
  • If you do a joke, it's your job to undo it the next day, so don't do anything you won't be able to fix yourself.
  • Don't start things too late in the day.
  • The main wiki joke (if there is one) has priority for things such as main page real estate. If your idea needs to involve the main page (e.g. have an entry in the news template), run it by a staff member first.

Joke pages may be renamed and saved after the event, as long as they are disconnected from the wiki at large (don't appear in main categories, don't cause redlinks that shouldn't exist, etc). "I need help deleting the redirects from moving these pages out of mainspace" is an acceptable exception to the "don't do anything you can't fix yourself" rule. Accompanying images can also be kept as long as they aren't excessive.

See Special:PrefixIndex/Xeno Series Wiki:April Fools for previous joke pages.