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Knights are users trusted with a few extra powers and responsibilities to keep the wiki running well. They are the most junior of the extra rights positions, and should be attainable by any good-faith user. Users can request to be granted knighthood at Xeno Series Wiki:Requests for knighthood.

Knight rights[edit]

Knights have two main powers: rollback and patrolling.


Rollback is the ability to click a single link to automatically undo all consecutive edits made to a page by a single editor. Doing so leaves an automatic, non-customizable edit summary.

The purpose of rollback is to combat vandalism, as it allows a quick and easy way to restore a page to its last good version, no matter how many edits a vandal has piled on top of it. In literally any other situation, the normal undo tool should be used instead, as it allows for an edit summary and can handle reverting bunches of edits that are not all by the same person (if for example a well-meaning user clumsily tried to fix the vandalism first). Using rollback to wage an edit war is grounds for demotion.


When users make edits, they are marked as "unpatrolled". Patrollers can view the diff of the edit and click the "Mark as patrolled" link to do just that. The purpose of the system is to have a view of which edits have been reviewed and which have not. It's not necessarily for marking edits as acceptable - even if you undo an edit, it'll still be unpatrolled, and so someone else may think it haven't been looked at.

Knights also have the "autopatrol" right, so they do not have to walk in circles covering each others' tracks. If you are trusted to patrol others, you are trusted to not require patrolling yourself.