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Woglinde render.jpg
Manufacturer Vector Industries
Main Engine Logic Drive
Length 1000m
Weight Unknown
Weaponry A.G.W.S.
Crew Members Kazuichi Moriyama, Andrew Cherenkov, Vanderkam, Luis Virgil, Caspase, Shion Uzuki, Allen Ridgeley, Togashi Yukihira, Kirsch (anime and XS1&2)
Affiliation Galaxy Federation
Vector Industries

The Woglinde is a ship in Xenosaga Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht and Xenosaga I & II. It is a Galaxy Federation battle cruiser which Shion and the rest of the KOS-MOS development team are stationed on.


Xenosaga Episode I[edit]

The Woglinde is a battle cruiser created by Vector Industries that was loaned to the Federation Marine Corps. It was captained by Kazuichi Moriyama, with Andrew Cherenkov in command of the 117th Marine Division which was assigned to escort the ship. The Woglinde was specifically designed to battle the Gnosis. It was hastily built and was eighty percent incomplete at the time of its employment. Its bi-level design permits it to be split into upper and lower sections.

Shion is stationed on the Woglinde at the beginning of the game along with Allen and the rest of the KOS-MOS development team. Several members of the U-TIC Organization including Cherenkov and Vanderkam were also stationed here undercover. The ship was sent to investigate the disappearance of the planet Ariadne. In the planet's place, they discover and retrieve a Zohar Emulator, but the casualty that resulted in this recovery ends up attracting a swarm of Gnosis. The Gnosis overwhelm the ship's A.G.W.S. forces, destroying it and seizing the Zohar Emulator. Shion, Allen, and Cherenkov are able to escape with the help of KOS-MOS. Later, footage of the Woglinde being destroyed is manipulated by the U-TIC Organization into framing the Kukai Foundation and, by extension, the Second Miltian Government for treason.

As an area[edit]

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The Woglinde serves as the first real area of Episode I and Xenosaga I & II.


Episode I


Built by Vector Industries and loaned to the Federation Marine Corps, it was the first battleship specifically built to combat Gnosis.

Although Vector hastily added a bridge and a bare bones propulsion system to make it operable on the test flight, the ship remains eighty percent incomplete.

Due to its status as a test prototype, the Vector logo can be seen in place of the usual Federation Marine Corps insignia.

The ship consists of a unique bi-level design, which enables it to split into an upper and lower section. The upper section houses the bridge. The lower section is not actually a part of the vessel's body; it was created with recycled material to temporarily house the new Logic Drive during its test flight.

Vessel length: 1000m

Episode III


An anti-Gnosis battleship.

A battleship assigned to the Galaxy Federation 117th Marine Division. Built by Vector and loaned to the Federation Marine Corps as the first anti-Gnosis battleship. The hull is about 1000 meters long from stem to stern.

It was developed rapidly for a public test run, so only the command block and propulsion unit have been equipped; 80% of its components have yet to be installed.

Since this is a test run, the emblems and insignia of Federation Marine Corps are not present; only the Vector Industries logo has been stenciled onto the side of the ship.

Its unique structure is split into a top and bottom section. The top section is the command block, and the bottom section was hastily assembled from generic materials for the test run of the new logical drive.

Originally, it was planned for the ship to be equipped with 100-Series Observational Units and the 100-Series amplifier systems, but they could not be deployed in time for the test run. A.G.W.S. units only barely managed to be assigned.

In order to compensate for the lack of equipment, Vector loaned their prototype anti-Gnosis battle android.

Xenosaga I & II



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