Xenosaga Episode III

Vector S-Line Division

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Vector S-Line Division
Vector S-Line Division.png
Segment Addresses 8
Music S-Line Division infiltration

Vector S-Line Division is an area in Xenosaga Episode III - Also Sprach Zarathustra. It is the introductory dungeon of the game.


Located in the U.M.N., Vector's S-Line Division is visited by Shion at the start of the game. She is accompanied there by Canaan, Miyuki and Doctus. Canaan and Miyuki accompany her inside while Doctus waits in her A.M.W.S. unit. They head through 5 sectors, finishing at Sector 5 where they copy some secret data. A large amount of gnosis start appearing, forcing them to retreat. On the way out Shion has a vision of Abel.


Normal Enemies[edit]