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Vector Industries

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Vector Industries
Vector Industries Encyclopedia Thumbnail.png
Type Business
CEO Wilhelm
Known members Shion Uzuki (formerly)
Allen Ridgeley
Kevin Winnicot
Miyuki Itsumi
Togashi Yukihira
Headquarters Dämmerung
Affiliates Galaxy Federation
U-TIC Organization

Vector Industries (ヴェクター・インダストリー) is a company in the Xenosaga series. It is the largest intergalactic conglomerate in the Galaxy Federation and was founded by Wilhelm.


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Episode I

Vector Industries

The largest business conglomerate in the Federation, and an integral part of modern civilization.

It is involved in the production and distribution of almost every product, from food and medicine, software and hardware, to communication and weapons.

It has a multitude of divisions, of which the core components are the First, Second, and Third R&D Divisions.

Vector Industries has a very long history, and its presence dates back to the initial formation of the Federation.

Episode III

Vector Industries

Vector Industries Database Thumbnail XS3.png

The largest corporate entity in the Federation.

The largest corporate entity in the Federation, involved with the production and distribution of nearly every item related to culture and civilization, from food and pharmaceuticals to software, hardware, and even weapons and communications. It is divided into many departments, with the First R&D Division, Second R&D Division, and Third R&D Division forming its core.

Wilhelm is the company's Chief Executive Officer; its base is the Dämmerung, a free-orbiting colony whose length extends 1000 kilometers.

It has total control over communications and military affairs, from U.M.N. construction and Realian development to the production of A.G.W.S.s and KOS-MOS. Wilhelm, its CEO, used to work as Executive Committee Director, giving him major clout with both the Federation government and the governments of the assorted autonomous states.

Vector's long history can be traced all the way back to the ancient age of Lost Jerusalem. The excavation of the Zohar in Lake Turkana was carried out under Vector sponsorship, and Vector also handled the later analysis of the Original Zohar. The name Wilhelm is listed as the company's leader from that time, but it is unclear what connection this person may have with the current CEO.

Xenosaga I & II



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In Xenoblade Chronicles[edit]

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Vector Industries
Japan flag.svg Japanese ヴェクター・インダストリー


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