Valak Mountain

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Valak Mountain
Treacherous and snowy terrain. After nightfall the area looks entirely different.
Location Bionis
Weather Clear
Snow (90%)
Blizzard (5%)
Affinity group Upper Bionis
Connects to Makna Forest
Sword Valley
Music Valak Mountain
Valak Mountain (Night)

Valak Mountain is a region located on the right arm of the Bionis.

Landscape and appearance[edit]

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Upper Level[edit]

Lower Level[edit]


Upper Level[edit]

Lower Level[edit]

Secret Areas[edit]



  1. 1.0 1.1 Post-Mechonis Core or during Adventurers in Peril.
  2. Post-Mechonis Core.



Normal Enemies[edit]

Quest-exclusive Enemies[edit]

Unique Monsters[edit]



Veg Collectable veg.png Sour Radish Collectable veg.png Ice Cabbage Collectable veg.png Girl Courgette Collectable veg.png Amethyst Vanilla XC1 icon equipment feet 8.png Heavy Boots
Fruit Collectable fruit.png Ether Plum Collectable fruit.png Fire Apple Collectable fruit.png Ruby Mangosteen Collectable fruit.png Sour Grape XC1 icon gem slot red.png Chill Defence III (10%)
Flower Collectable flower.png Fortune Mallow Collectable flower.png Black Peony Collectable flower.png Fatal Belladonna XC1 icon gem slot cyan.png Confuse Resist III (20%)
Animal Collectable animal.png Wet Rat Collectable animal.png Ice Monkey Collectable animal.png Crystal Frog Collectable animal.png Mud Squirrel XC1 icon gem slot blue.png Aura Heal II (30)
Nature Collectable nature.png Gypsum Branch Collectable nature.png Black Ash Collectable nature.png Emerald Snow Collectable nature.png Rabbit Stone Collectable nature.png Broom Icicle XC1 icon equipment head 8.png Heavy Gear
Strange Collectable strange.png Frost Glass Collectable strange.png Large Handcuffs XC1 icon gem slot cyan.png Chill Plus III (25%)
Complete XC1 icon weapon sword.png Cerasus Cutlass XC1 icon gem slot empty.pngXC1 icon gem slot empty.png