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it me.

I own the place. I also finally have kind of a real userpage, hooah.

the Current[edit]

I jump between a lot of large projects, mostly based on wherever the motivation/inspiration happens to be. These are the ones active from when I last updated this page:

  • Started/partially complete:
    • XCX general data/semantics cleanup
    • XC2 script
    • XC3 party member art pages
    • (always more that I forget to mention)
  • Planned:
    • XCX weapon pages
    • XC3 enemy pages
    • (always more that I'm not yet sure enough about to "claim")

If something is on this list, you should be wary of contributing to it, as there might be background work going on that will later run over your efforts like a freight train. Ask first.


  • Article icon - Xenogears.svgArticle icon - Xenosaga I.svgArticle icon - Xenosaga II.svgArticle icon - Xenosaga III.svg - I'm purely a Nintendo person, and I don't get consoles just to play one or two games.
  • Article icon - Xenoblade Chronicles.svg - I have vague memories of the game before then, but I didn't really check it out until Shulk got into SSB4. A fanfic idea then got me further into the world, and now I'm a prolific author of Melia stuff.
  • Article icon - Xenoblade Chronicles X.svg - I have the game (a lucky find at a local used store), but I dunno how much I'll actually play it. I'm not interested enough in the basic premise.
  • Article icon - Xenoblade Chronicles 2.svgArticle icon - Torna The Golden Country.svg - I always hate it when a later work crowbars open a fully-resolved previous work, and while this case isn't too bad compared to others, it is no different. The game itself is alright I suppose, best-described as "hard to recommend".
  • Article icon - Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.svgArticle icon - Future Connected.svg - It's nice that they finally got the game to an actual general public release comapred to the weirdness the Wii/3DS versions were subjected to, but they changed just enough to be aggrevating and added a lame bonus chapter (says the Melia fan).
  • Article icon - Xenoblade Chronicles 3.svgArticle icon - Future Redeemed.svg - The game is fine, but story-wise it tries to do both of "be a valid first game to play" and "be a satisfying continuation of the previous two games", and thus doesn't do very well at either. And FR causes more problems than it solves as far as I'm concerned.


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