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Species Hom-Hom
Gender Male
Age 22
Appearances Torna ~ The Golden Country 2: Lora's Revenge
Zeno Blade Chronicle X
Wiki icon - Bureaucrat.svg This user is a bureaucrat.
Big Joe Portrait.png This user created the first real mainspace article - and it was about Big Joe
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Reggiamoto (レジアモト Rejiamoto) is a user and b'crat on the Xeno Series Wiki. He will continue to speak of himself in first person from now on.
Hey, I'm Reggie (my real name is Robin, but I got so used to being called Reggie, just call me that instead, please), I'm 22 years old (as of 2021) and I'm some guy from Germany who happens to be here. I currently study computer science at university. You can approach me in English, German, Japanese and maybe Dutch.
I like Xenoblade and also the older Xeno games. I like playing old/retro games, I guess you could also call me a collecor, even though my collection isn't that large. Outside of Xeno, some of my other favourite games and series include the Ys, Metroid, F-Zero, Zelda, Katamari and Baten Kaitos series, the first two Paper Mario games, Terranigma, Super Mario World, Cities: Skylines and Roller Coaster Tycoon 1-3, to name a few.

Xeno games played[edit]



  • Graphic Design is my passionAffinity cloud.png