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Age 27

I was a former Fandom Xenoblade Wiki contributor before learning about the existence of this wiki. Yeah, my grammar is bad when it comes to writing articles. When it comes to contributing to this Wiki, I specialize in uploading images.

To do list[edit]

Top Priority[edit]

  • Create as much articles as possible for the XC3 enemies.


  • Fill in Appearance and Personalities, as well as their Story Arcs.
  • Fill in Areas, Organizations, Etc Story Arcs.
  • Upload story related screenshots.
  • Fill in Appearance, Personality, and Story Arcs of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters.



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XC3 class portrait Miyabi.gif This adores Miyabi.
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XG Fei portrait.png This user bared his fangs against god.
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Xeno games[edit]

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