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Species Blade
Gender Female
Designer Risa Ebata
Japanese VA Rina Hidaka
English VA Phillipa Alexander
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
This article is about Ursula in general. For gameplay information, see Ursula/Gameplay.

Ursula (ナナコオリ) is a Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She can become the Blade of Rex, Nia, Mòrag, or Zeke. Ursula is an ice elemental Blade who uses the Knuckle Claws weapon type and is classified as a Healer. Ursula is accompanied by a polar bear-like creature named Beary. She can be obtained randomly from Core Crystals.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Ursula is a female child-like Blade with pale blue hair and eyes. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders and two sprigs of lily stuck inside of it. She wears a white woolen poncho over-top a blue dress. Beary is predominantly white. His design polar bear-like, with human like elements.

Ursula is soft-spoken and shy, though kindhearted nonetheless. Though she enjoys playing music her shyness prevents her from playing for strangers.

Story Arch[edit]

Not Quite Comfortable Yet[edit]

After Ursula has been awakened the Heart-to-Heart Not Quite Comfortable Yet between Ursula, her Driver, and Tora can be viewed at the Cobalt Cliffs in the Kingdom of Uraya. Ursula asks her driver to go to the Cobalt Cliffs in order to sight-see. While there she tells her Driver about an old nursery rhyme she loved. Afterward Ursula reveals that she has an affinity for music though is to shy to sing in front of others.

Bearing Her Soul[edit]

After the events of Not Quite Comfortable Yet, the Blade Quest Bearing Her Soul can be started by approaching Kiara at Abbie's Fountain in Torigoth. Ursula overhears Kiara playing a Torigonda and is enamored by the sound. Kiara takes notice and calls Ursula over. After a brief conversation Kiara offers to let Ursula to play her Torigonda. Upon playing the instrument, Ursula begins to draw in a crowd. After her performance Ursula is approached by a Nopon music producer named Tipitapi. Tipitapi asks, and ultimately convinces, Ursula to work with him as a musician. Before Ursula leaves Kiara tells her to keep the Torigonda she lent to her. Later, at the Rumbletum Canteen Tipitapi explains to Ursula that she will need to practice to improve her singing (Vocals), image (Looks), and ability to stay calm on stage (Soul). Once all of these attributes have been leveled up once, he has Ursula perform in the Rumbletum Canteen. Although she is nervous about her performance, she manages to do well enough to garner a small following. After numerous Merc Missions, and upon reaching level 4 in all attributes, Tipitapi will have Ursula play at the Mymoma Playhouse. Due to the support of the party, Ursula manages to find the confidence to play despite the large audience. Immediately after the concert Tipitapi tells Ursula he's begun preperations for a concert in Alba Cavanich. Although she is scared by the amount of people she'd be playing for, Ursula vows to try. After attaining 5,000 fans, the party head to Alba Cavanich. Upon arrival Ursula's fear of people begins to overwhelm her. In order to calm Ursula down, the party convinces Kiara to talk to Ursula. Kiara explains the impact Ursula's singing had on her, which gives Ursula the confidence to play for her audience. After the concert Ursula thanks Kiara and offers to return the Torigonda Kiara lent her. Kiara refuses, explaining her father can always make her another. Ursula decides to give up her musical career in order to fully support her allies in battle and returns the Torigonda.

As a party member[edit]

Main article: Ursula/Gameplay (XC2)

As an NPC[edit]

Ursula can be found at a random location in Garfont Village after Rex takes over the Merc Group, provided she is not equipped to her Driver or sent on a Merc Mission. The specific locations she may be found at are listed here.


If it means I don't have to fight anyone, I guess I'm OK with just staying here...


  • Ursula was designed by Risa Ebata, who also designed the Rare Blade Dahlia
  • Ursula is one of only two Blades to be comprised of two distinct entities, the other being Poppibuster
  • While outside of battle, Ursula will ride on Beary's shoulder
  • Ursula is the only blade to never use her Blade Weapon during Specials, instead using Beary for attacks
  • The Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Official Artworks - Alrest Record states that Ursula was born with Beary, but there is little to no other information surrounding his existence

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Ursula Latin for "little she-bear."
Japan flag.svg Japanese ナナコオリ
France flag.svg French Ursula
Germany flag.svg German Ursula
Spain flag.svg Spanish Úrsula
Italy flag.svg Italian Ursula
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 七冰
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 七冰
South Korea flag.svg Korean 나나코오리
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Beary From "bear" and "Barry"
Japan flag.svg Japanese クマリン Kumarin (from (クマ), meaning "bear")
France flag.svg French Nours
Germany flag.svg German Bärchen
Spain flag.svg Spanish Donoso
Italy flag.svg Italian Orson
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 熊熊
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 小熊 (normally)/熊琳 (in summon cutscene)
South Korea flag.svg Korean 쿠마링