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Upper Level - Right

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Upper Level - Right
Location Gormott Province
Connects to Torigoth
Upper Level - Left
Lower Level
Music Gormott

Upper Level - Right is one of the subareas on the Titan Gormott. The city of Torigoth is located here. In Torna ~ The Golden Country, this area encompasses the whole accessible part of Gormott.


Upper Level - Right (Gormott) map with ship.png

The right side of the upper level of Gormott is located on the Titan's back. It is an expensive area with plains bordering the Cloud Sea at high tide from a small hill, Outlook Knoll, connecting to the lower level of the Titan, going all the way to the city of Torigoth.

To the north, at the center of the area is a slope slowly going up to the Titan's spine, and along its nape, featuring a forest where the Gormotti get their wood, the Nocclia Woods with the Nocclia Timber Site nearby. Continuing north leads to the left side of the upper level, crossing the Greatspine Boundary, a hole seemingly carved under the Titan's spine.

To the west of it is a valley, beginning with a pond called Lyta's Oasis, bordered by another hill on its western edge, Twin Trunks Hill. This valley is arguably the most dangerous part of the area, with many Ferises and even a Sauros roaming around. It leads to a waterfall with a small lake at its foot, Varnax's Plunge.

To the east and north of Torigoth is an expensive lake, Coolley Lake, the biggest body of water found in the area with many islets in its center making crossing the lake an easy task.

Due to the area's elevation in its northern part, it features many caves, such as one connecting Varnax's Plunge to Coolley Lake, a small network of caves under Nocclia Woods or even an underground river leading to the lower level's Wrecc Marshland.

A small island, Lascham Island, can be found to the south of the plains mostly kept in place by many branches from the nearby vegetation.


List of NPCs in the Upper Level - Right. Permanent means the NPC can be talked to in a fully completed file. Temporary means the NPC will either disappear or move to another location at one point, either through quests or story progression.

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