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Original Title Uncontrollable
Composer(s) Hiroyuki Sawano
Vocals Mika Kobayashi
Language English
Lyricist mpi
Length 3:48
Used in Xenoblade Chronicles X
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (DLC)

Uncontrollable is Disc 2, Track 4 on the XenobladeX Original Soundtrack and Track 6 on the Xenoblade Chronicles X Soundtrack Selection. It was also performed at SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]004, a live performance of Hiroyuki Sawano's works, and included as Disc 2, Track 9 on the associated album.

It is played while fighting against (most) Tyrants, as well as against Grenade Pizza F during Murder Most Foul. A version with no vocals plays as the battle theme for the following Time Attack Missions:

Curiously, the track also plays for just an instant during Dark Matter Phantom when the Vita is engaged and defeated.

The track also appears in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 if 'Special BGM' is enabled in the settings, playing in fights against Unique Monsters when Elma is equipped as a Blade of a member of the active party (unless Shulk or Fiora are on the primary party member and Elma is not, in which case You Will Know Our Names plays instead).


The wind blows hard in December
Our last fight, do you remember?
Counting the days, since we left
You and I, slipping away

The Days gone by when you loved me
No way, the way you now treat me
Pouring wine into my glass
Looking back to where we were?

There's no direction for us
Here it comes the endless fight

Show us light, for now
Show a sign for where we can go
Into the cave with no guiding light
Do you know...?[1]
Where is the goal?
Don't just follow
We can try, because we're living now
It's bitter, so many sorrows
But we can swallow
It's gonna be our hardest times

Every time I ask the smallest thing
You get mad or just ignore
I don't want to hear (Every time I)
How long we've been here (Ask the smallest thing)
There's no chance for fear (You get mad)
It's uncontrollable (Or just ignore)

All things gone from left to right (Let's get started again)
And this world is changing fast (Do not tire yourself)
It's so hard to find an answer for itself (We'll get back the life for ourselves today)
Can we find the key to life? (Let's get started again)
I don't want to be a part (Do not scare yourself)
There's a space ship we can ride (We can take this ride)
Now it's time to ride (For ourselves)

Let's get started again
Do not tire yourself
We'll get back the life for ourselves today
Let's get started again (Can we find the key to life?)
Do not scare yourself (I don't want to be a part)
We can take this ride for ourselves (There's a spaceship we can ride, Now it's time to ride)


  1. The line is sung as "Do you know, know, know, know, where is the goal?".
  2. 2.0 2.1 mpi sings the lyrics in parentheses.
  3. Kobayashi sings the lyrics in parentheses.


Lyrics: mpi
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
Vocal: Mika Kobayashi & mpi
Keyboards & Programming: Hiroyuki Sawano
Drums: Yu "masshoi" Yamauchi
Bass: Toshino Tanabe
Guitars: Hiroshi Iimuro