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Umon cutscene.jpg
Species Nopon
Gender Male
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Umon is a minor character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a shipwright living in his workshop on the outskirts of Gormott.

Story arc[edit]

Main story[edit]

Needing a ship to cross the Cloud Sea toward the World Tree, Tora takes the party to the a shipyard on Gormott's Upper Level - Left. There, he introduces them to Umon, a shipwright. Umon wonders why they would trek all the way to his corner of Gormott for a ship, prompting Tora to use Poppi's completion as an excuse for being unable to rent a ship in Torigoth. He accepts to let them borrow a ship, though he then admits that the ship is not ready.

He sends the party on a few errands, first to gather some building parts, then to fetch the Titan the ship was going to be mounted on, which had ran away after Umon forgot to feed it. The Nopon eventually gets the ship ready and sends the party off on their ride. He never gets the boat the party borrowed back, as it, along with the party, ends up swallowed by Uraya.

The party finds their way back to Umon's Shipyard some time later, while pursuing the thief who stole Roc's Core Crystal. There, Umon is nowhere to be seen and they instead find the thief they were looking for, who summons some Latollo Puffots that they battle.

Umon Bounces Back[edit]

Due to his boats either getting smashed or never coming back, as well as someone ransacking his shipyard, Umon gets depressed and decides to throw himself off a pier in Torigoth. The party stops Umon in the nick of time and decides to make amend to him by building a new ship for him. Not believing in the party successfully making a new ship for him, Umon decides to wait for them by going to the restaurant near the Grodd Residential Zone harbor, in order to make himself heavier to sink under the Cloud Sea.

The party is able to find a Titan willing to replace Umon's ship, with the help of two of the Green Pollen Orbs Umon had previously given them. Umon is still not positive about the party making a whole ship from scratch, leaving them to make the ship's hull while he continues to gorge himself on food. The party gets back to Umon after finishing the ship, who informs them the bill will soon exceed his finances, as well as the fact he put Tora's name on it rather than his.

The party brings Umon to his shipyard to see the newly-completed ship. Umon indeed gets better from his depressed state upon seeing the Titan ship, apologizing for how he had been acting and thanking the party for this new chance at business.

Time is Money[edit]

Having gotten back in business after the previous quest, Umon is willing to lend his boat to the party to set up a direct shipping service between Argentum and Fonsett Village. He asks for an initial cost of 2,000G, then reminds the party that if they break it they have to pay for it, and to be extra careful.



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As an NPC[edit]

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Umon can, at first, be found in Umon's Shipyard in the Upper Level - Left in the Gormott Province, during Umon's Shipyard and until the party arrives in Uraya. Much later, he is found anytime, from the beginning of Chapter 6 on, at the pier south of Grodd Residential Zone in Torigoth, until Umon Bounces Back is received. He then moves to the restaurant on the lowest level of the same residential zone and stays there until the construction of his new ship is completed.

He then moves back to Umon's Shipyard and stays there until the quest is completed, disappearing afterward. He reappears during the penultimate objective of Time is Money and disappears after the quest is completed.


During Umon Bounces Back[edit]

After receiving the quest
*om nom* Must eat more and more...
*nom om nom* Must increase weight...
*om om nom* Must sink to depths...
After the party starts building him a new ship
Soon Umon know feelings of sunk ships after jumping into bottomless depths of Cloud Sea.
Until then, Umon stuff himself with tasty treats to become heave anchor unto own annihilation.

In other languages[edit]

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