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Species Turtle
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Turters (カメキチ) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is Zeke and Pandoria's pet turtle and their mascot.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Turters is a small light-green turtle with darker green spots on his shell. He has a smile on his face, although this is difficult to see in-game.

Turters normally lives in Zeke's coat pocket. He has a habit of crawling away from Zeke and Pandoria (including into Nia's bed at night), although they always find him again eventually.

Story arc[edit]

Turters reveals himself in Zeke's first appearance at the Cobalt Cliffs in Uraya. Zeke plans to show off the turtle himself, but Turters has escaped his pocket and crawls towards Pyra. Pyra picks Turters up and pets him, to Zeke's dismay; he quickly snatches Turters and takes him back to Pandoria, where the two shower Turters with love before resuming their intimidation of the party.

Turters can be seen crawling on the back of Zeke's head when he falls off Ysheva Harbor after his third battle.

When Genbu surfaces, Nia comments on how the Titan's form looks like a giant Turters. Zeke takes Turters out of his pocket and pets him as he responds.

In the post-credits cutscene, Turters can be seen sitting on Zeke's shoulder.


  • Zeke and Pandoria found Turters after Pandoria was awakened but "quite a while" before the events of the game.
  • According to the Heart-to-Heart A Moment's Peace, Zeke and Pandoria considered eating Turters out of starvation while waiting for the party.


  • Zeke has a turtle on his eye patch. It is unknown if this is a reference to Turters, Genbu, or both/neither.
  • Nia nicknames Zeke 'Shellhead', likely in reference to a turtle's shell. In Japanese, Nia at one point calls Zeke 'turtlehead' (亀頭 (かめあたま)) for the same reason.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Turters A corruption of the word turtle
Japan flag.svg Japanese カメキチ Kamekichi (Katakana spelling of 亀吉 (かめきち)), literally "lucky turtle"/"turtle luck"
France flag.svg French Tortouille "Tortue" (turtle in french) with the suffix "-ouille", associated with cuteness
Germany flag.svg German Kröti Cute/diminutive form of "Kröte" ("toad"). The German name for turtle is "Schildkröte" (lit. "shield toad").
Spain flag.svg Spanish Tortuchi
Italy flag.svg Italian Tarters
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 龟吉 Simplified spelling of 亀吉, see Japanese
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 龜吉 Traditional spelling of 亀吉, see Japanese
South Korea flag.svg Korean 카메키치 Kamekichi, see Japanese