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Tornan Titan Interior

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Tornan Titan Interior
Tornan Titan Interior fourth gate.jpg
Location Kingdom of Torna
Connects to Dannagh Region
Music Land of Morytha
Kingdom of Torna
Kingdom of Torna/Night

The Tornan Titan Interior is a sub-area of the Kingdom of Torna. It is the interior of the Tornan Titan, which the party must go through to confront Malos.


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Secret Areas[edit]


Normal enemies[edit]

Unique monsters[edit]



  • All of the Tornan Titan Interior's zones are named after European dragons from various mythologies. They most likely reference the fact that Torna itself has the form of a dragon when awakened.
    • Balaur is a type of dragon in Romanian folklore.
    • Fernyiges is a black dragon in Hungarian folklore.
    • Zirnitra are dragon-gods in Slavic mythology.

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