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Akhos, Malos, Patroka and Jin aboard the Marsanes

Torna is a secret organization in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They carry out secretive operations throughout Alrest. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of Alrest using the Aegis, and to kill the Architect. The group was named after the Titan of the same name that fell 500 years prior to the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 during the Aegis War.


Chapter 1[edit]

Rex meets Torna in Chairman's Room.jpg

Malos, Sever, Jin, Nia, and Dromarch are first seen at the Argentum Trade Guild. They hire Bana to take on a salvaging job to haul up a huge ship, consisting of a small group of elite salvagers, including Rex. After they bring the ship up to the surface of the Cloud Sea, Jin and Malos ask Rex to accompany them while they explore the ship. During the trip, they come across a door bearing Addam's crest that can be only opened by Rex. Jin and Malos demand that he touch the door as he is the only one who can open it. Beyond the door lies a room that contains a coffin with Pyra in it, and her sword. Malos demands Rex not to touch the sword, but he touches it anyway, prompting Jin to kill him by piercing his heart. Malos then complains that it was a waste of time. Nia confronts Jin on why he killed him. Malos asks Nia to call the Monoceros.

Malos carries Pyra's coffin.jpg

As they make their way out of the ship, Malos orders Nia to kill the salvager crew to leave no witnesses. When she refuses to do so, Malos, frustrated by Nia's refusal, decides that he would kill everyone for her. Just as he prepares to kill the crew, the coffin that Pyra was resting in bursts into flames, awakening her, followed by a resurrected Rex. As Jin is prepared to draw his weapon, Malos intervenes, saying that he wants to battle Rex. As the fight progresses, the Monoceros arrives to provide backup for Jin and Malos, and fires upon Rex, prompting Nia and Dromarch to defect to Rex and Pyra's side. Just as Rex is about to get killed, Azurda arrives and rescues the group. Malos wants to give chase, only for Jin to stop and let them go. He says that he'll send Akhos after them.

Chapter 2[edit]

Torna's only appearance is through the wanted posters of Jin, and Malos, alongside a poorly drawn wanted poster of Nia outside Torigoth. The government of Torigoth sees Torna as a terrorist organization.

Chapter 3[edit]

Jin, Malos, and Sever later return to their hideout underneath the Cloud Sea and are greeted by Akhos and Obrona, who are not surprised at the turn of events. Malos then asks where Patroka and Mikhail are. Akhos answers that Mikhail is inspecting the Ardainian factory, and his sister is hunting Drivers. Malos wonders why they need so many Core Crystals. Akhos then gives a status update on the party, while Jin intercepts a Core Crystal shipment heading for Indol before he sends Malos and Akhos after the party.

Akhos in Garfont.jpg

Akhos and Obrona later ambush the party in Garfont Village. Even though Akhos uses Obrona's ether field to gain the upper hand, even injuring Pyra in the process, they are ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of Vandham and Roc, forcing them to retreat. Jin is later seen slaughtering every soldier on an Ardainian Titan ship, then claims the Core Crystals that were being held there.

Malos and Akhos visit Cole, who knows the former from long ago. Akhos offers to cure his condition, but he declines. As they are leaving, they notice Iona was eavesdropping and promptly kidnap her. Malos then appears in Pyra's dream of Elysium and says she needs to meet him alone at the place of her awakening, Olethro Ruins, to save Iona.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 065.png

When she arrives, Malos asks Pyra how long she's gonna stay in "that form". She replies that she is who she is now, then asks where Iona is. He then shows Pyra an unconscious Iona, along with Akhos and Obrona. Akhos says that they should have sent them a finger. Malos then tells Pyra that she know what they're after. Pyra asks him if Jin is on his side. He says that he exists for Jin's benefit. He then attacks Pyra, which Rex felt. Just as Malos is about to deliver the finishing blow to her, Rex intercepts the attack, angering Malos. Akhos then joins the fight.

Using Obrona's ether field, Malos and Akhos hold a significant advantage against Rex. During the batttle, Akhos explains Torna's ultimate goal: Use her to destroy mankind. Vandham then impales himself on his scythes, negating the effects of Obrona's ether field. But despite his best efforts, he is slain by Malos, prompting Pyra to change into Mythra, something Malos was happy about. In the end, Mythra is able to finally end the battle, killing both Sever and Obrona in the process. Malos and Akhos are forced to retreat.

Chapter 4[edit]

XC2 event theater thumbnail 099.png

Torna is not seen again until Rex and his friends corner Bana in the Ardainian factory. He admits to conspiring with Torna to produce artificial Blades for them. Patroka and Mikhail, accompanied by their Blades Perdido and Cressidus respectively, ambush the group. Mikhail flirts with Mythra, prompting Patroka to smack his face in annoyance. She reminds him that their mission is to kill Nia and to retrieve Mythra. Just as they are about to win, Mòrag and Brighid assist Rex in defeating the group, killing Perdido and Cressidus in the process. Patroka, enraged by the loss of her Blade, unleashes an unknown power with the intent to kill everyone. She is then stopped by Fan La Norne. Mikhail recognizes her, forcing him and Patroka to retreat. She complains that she is not done killing yet. Back on the Marsanes, Jin is seen looking at the frozen body of his former Driver, Lora.

Chapter 5[edit]

Jin and Malos in front of Core Crystals on Marsanes.jpg

On the Marsanes, Jin oversees the collection of Core Crystals the group has collected. Malos asks whether it is working. Jin replies that he can hear the Blade's voices. Malos then tells him that Akhos has found some excavated Titan weapons on Temperantia originating from Judicium, a nation that was destroyed during the Aegis War, and the origin of Flesh Eater technology. Jin then suggests to destroy them as it is a threat to them, or alternatively to use them for their own ends. Mikhail and an angry Patroka return from their mission on Mor Ardain. Mikhail has still managed to obtain the artificial Blades that were being made, despite the interference. Jin then departs for Temperantia to activate one of the Titan weapons to give the group more time.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 116.png

At Temperantia, Jin kills the Ardainian guard that was guarding one of the Titan weapons, Aeshma, and takes control of it. He annihilates the Urayan garrison stationed there with it, making them think it was the Ardainians who fired upon them. When Rex's group alongside Fan La Norne arrived to investigate, they managed to stop the weapon, prompting Jin to exit the cockpit and confront the party himself. Jin then blames Mythra for the destruction of the Kingdom of Torna and Lora's death, before removing his mask, revealing a blood red Core Crystal (revealing himself to be a Blade in the process). Despite being hindered by Fan's ability to restrict Blades, Jin was able to kill her by piercing her Core Crystal, remarking that she's no longer a slave to Amalthus. Just as Jin is about to finish the party off, he collapses. Akhos then rescues him and reactivates the inactive Titan weapon with whatever energy it has left.

Chapter 6[edit]

Jin inside regeneration device.jpg

Jin is resting in some regeneration device. Malos remarks that sending Akhos to retrieve him from Temperantia was the right choice, then asks Jin about his condition; Jin responds that he's been through worse. Malos reminds him of the promise of his dream, for his sake. Then Malos questions himself regarding if his will is truly his own, or another's. Jin then remarks that Blades and humanity are not that different.

Akhos, Patroka, and Mikhail are seen observing the Indoline summit between Mor Ardain before explaining Jin's intentions of destroying humanity and killing the Architect.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 150.png

When the party exits the Genbu Crown in Tantal after repairing the Omega Fetter, Akhos, Patroka, and Mikhail ambush them, demanding that they hand over the Omega Fetter. All three unveil their Blade weapons, revealing their nature as Flesh Eaters in the process. Despite their best efforts, all three are defeated by the party.

Just as Zeke is about to deliver the finishing blow, Jin arrives stabbing him in a non-vital area. He is then joined by Malos, who claims that he's just a spectator. Jin then demands that they hand over both the Omega Fetter and Mythra. When Rex refuses, Jin reveals his true form (giving him power over elementary particles) and effortlessly defeats them, with Mythra reverting back to Pyra in the process. The rest of the party tries to come to their aid only to be stopped by the Blade Bots, the artificial Blades that were made in the Abandoned Factory. Jin then threatens to kill Rex by removing the Core Crystal from his chest. Pyra then intervenes telling them that she's the one they want, and tells them to spare Rex. Mikhail then mocks Pyra, much to Malos's annoyance. Pyra then threatens to kill herself with Siren if they don't comply. Not wanting to lose their only means to reach the World Tree, Jin agrees, taking both Pyra and the Omega Fetter and escaping.

Chapter 7[edit]

Back on the Marsanes, Akhos is surprised at Pyra's attempt to kill herself, assuming that Rex would die too. Malos answers that she knew what she was doing. Akhos wonders whether it was an act; Malos disagrees, explaining the reason that she gave half of the Core Crystal to him to replace the heart that Jin pierced. Malos then explains how Aegises works; Malos further explaining that Aegises can survive for a short time without their core, explaining the reason Jin spared the boy, because he didn't want to lose the only key to the World Tree.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 156.png

As the party begins to venture into Spirit Crucible Elpys, Malos (now at the Cliffs of Morytha) reminisces about his defeat by the hands of Mythra 500 years ago, then removes the chest plate that covered his damaged Core Crystal, and prepares to restore his core. On the Marsanes, Patroka remarks on how Malos is still living despite his damaged core, adding that it is not normal. Akhos adds that Aegises are the Master Blade — the first Blades created by the Architect. Patroka asks how Malos is going to repair his core. Akhos answers that he'll extract the missing data from Pyra's Aegis core. Patroka wonders what will happen to Pyra; Akhos says that if she's lucky, she'll survive the process as an empty husk. Patroka remarks that Malos doesn't hold back. Back on the Cliffs of Morytha, Malos begins to to extract her data from her core.

Meanwhile, Mikhail is working upon the Marsanes when he is interrupted by Patroka, who asks what he is doing; he responds that he's preparing it for battle against "non-mortal opponents". Patroka realises what he means, then reminds him that his meal is ready. Mikhail flirts with her, prompting Patroka to threaten him annoyedly. Mikhail then leaves to eat.

When the party arrives at the Cliffs of Morytha, Malos had managed to steal Pyra's memories in the process of restoring his Core Crystal, and learnt about the existence of Artifice Aion in the process. Malos joins Jin who briefly reminisces upon a memory 500 years ago with Lora. Malos told him that his Core Crystal is finished, then said that once they establish a link with what Mikhail is preparing for the Marsanes, their preparations to ascend the World Tree will be complete. Malos then summons Ophion with the Omega Fetter, who promptly attacks the duo. Malos (with his newly restored Aegis powers) blocks the attack, and remarks that Pyra was clever to install Ophion with an autonomous defense mechanism. Malos then reprograms Ophion to follow his will.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 169.png

When the party finally confronts Malos at Balquors Ruins, he had been expecting them. With his powers finally restored, Malos now wields a Monado-like Blade weapon. Armed with the Monado arts, Malos battles the party, with the party having a difficult time even harming him. Only with the combined effort of Rex and Nia is he able to be defeated by altering the replication rate of the cells in his body, causing him to fall off a cliff, seemingly killing him.

When the party reach Gotrock Oracle Ruins, they find Jin and an unconscious Pyra being held by 2 Blade Bots, with Jin explaining that he's got what he needs, prompting Rex to demand that Jin say what he'd done to her. Malos is alive and well, much to Nia's surprise, repeating that he was taking back what he lost 500 years ago and revealing that his "death" was just an act before the two engage the party.

With Jin's speed and mastery over ice, and Malos's newly regained powers as an Aegis, they easily overwhelm the party. Just as Jin is about to deliver the finishing blow, a third green sword appears in Rex's hand, much to Jin and Malos's surprise. Pyra then transforms into Pneuma, and she and Rex are able to match Jin's speed and defeat him, critically injuring him in the process.

After being defeated, Rex notices Jin's sadness; Jin urges Rex to finish him off or they will regret it. Rex then explains he doesn't want to fight him, he just wants to get to Elysium; Malos says that that's not going to happen, saying that Torna has goals of their own, warning them that anything that stands in their way will be wiped out. Jin then repeats Torna's objectives. Malos then summons Ophion to attack the party, only for them to be saved by Siren. Angered by Siren's appearance, Malos then directs Ophion to attack it, only for Siren to counter, destroying Ophion, as well as a portion of Gotrock Oracle Ruins, sending the party as well as Jin plummeting into the Land of Morytha.

Chapter 8[edit]

XC2 event theater thumbnail 180.png

On the Monoceros, Mikhail attempts to reach the bottom of the Cloud Sea; Akhos and Patroka remark that they have reached the Monoceros's depth limit, but Mikhail pushes on, reminding them that they cannot leave Jin behind. They finally reach the Land of Morytha, a landscape that amazes everyone except Malos, with the latter remarking it's a bunch of ruins and a testament to their hubris. Mikhail wonders about humans living in Morytha, and Malos remarks that Alrest will suffer the same fate. Mikhail then questions whether their goals are justified; Malos answers that he'll know soon enough.

Outside the remains of Torna, Mòrag warns the party not to let their guard down while Jin is around, which Zeke agrees to. Mòrag explains that once the crisis is over she'll arrest Jin, warning him if he resists she and Brighid will kill him. When the Monoceros arrives, Jin orders them to hold their fire, but Patroka ignores and prepares to fire one of the cannons anyway, prompting Jin to furiously disable it with a wave of force. Malos concludes that Jin must have his reasons, with Mikhail remarking that he has never seen that side of Jin before. Malos orders them to retrieve Jin and then climb the World Tree. As Jin returns to the Monoceros, he tells Brighid that she's the same as when she was Hugo's Blade.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 186.png

Back on the Marsanes, Jin awakes from the regeneration device. Malos is waiting for him. Malos then remarks if Judicium hadn't been destroyed, Jin would've gotten better treatment. Jin then said that a man said Blades can live together with humanity, and bitterly observes that they were instead just living for the humans. Malos then asks why he kept Lora's body, with Jin saying that it's a reminder to himself to not have faith in the Architect anymore.

As Torna ascends the World Tree in the Marsanes, they come under attack by Indol and several Indoline monks, much to Akhos and Patroka's surprise, prompting Jin to deploy the Blade bots against Indol.

Using Haze's Core Crystal, Amalthus forces Mythra to command Siren to attack the Marsanes twice, but Siren misses due to Mythra resisting Amalthus's control. The Marsanes finally reaches the boundary layer; Jin and Malos then disembark, with Malos telling Akhos, Patroka, and Mikhail to hold the line. Mikhail jokingly asks Malos to thank the Architect for everything, which he agrees to do.

Rex then finally breaks Amalthus's grip on Mythra with his power. Meanwhile on the Marsanes, Akhos tells Patroka that Malos will soon activate Aion; if they hold their position for long enough, they win. Patroka remarks that they have to go all out. During the battle, the Blade bots manage to destroy one of the amp towers supporting Amalthus's power. This prompts Amalthus to summon Mor Ardain to attack the World Tree.

Chapter 9[edit]

After Mor Ardain's and then Uraya's appearance to attack the World Tree, Mikhail tells Akhos and Patroka to reinforce Jin and Malos while he stays behind. Before the two leave, Mikhail tells Patroka that he loves her, to which she responds with a thin veil of disgust. He then transforms the Marsanes into a humanoid mech to do battle with Indol.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 196.png

As Mikhail fights the Titans, Mikhail hails Amalthus. He attempts to take control of him; however, he is immune. Mikhail explains that he is a Blade Eater, the only survivor of the experiments performed on Tornan refuges much to Amalthus's surprise. Mikhail then resumes his attack on Indol, but as he is about to deliver the finishing blow, Genbu (which is also under Amalthus's control) ambushes him. As Mikhail and Indol are busy fighting, Rex and Pneuma takes the opportunity to destroy the remaining amp towers, freeing the Titans from Amalthus's grip. In retaliation, Amalthus launches an attack on the party, which Mikhail intercepts much to the party's surprise. Mikhail then urges the party to chase after Jin and Malos, before returning to attack Indol, slamming it once again into the World Tree. Angered, Amalthus desperately tries to finish the Marsanes. Mikhail then sacrifices his life by detonating the Marsanes to sink Indol.

XC2 event theater thumbnail 198.png

At Lv. 4, Megrez, Jin persuades Malos to go on without him while he confronts the party one more time, experiencing a hallucination of Lora. When the party arrives, Jin says that he wants to find out if this world has a will of its own, and whether it would choose Rex or Malos. Mythra then tells him to let them through, which he refuses, saying that he must stop them even if it costs him his life. Jin transforms into his true form to engage the party.

As they fight, Jin is still convinced that if Rex opens Elysium to humans, they'll just turn it into another Morytha, as they did to Torna, since Rex can't live forever to stop them. Rex says that's what Blades are for - just like humans, Blades' past selves are passed down to their new selves. In fact, he's envious of Blades turning into Titans to provide land and make many new Blades in turn. So, he needs to ask the Architect why the Blades were created, if only to confirm that his guess is right. This is enough to convince Jin to stop fighting, but he's weakened from the battle and his limitations as a Flesh Eater, and falls to his knees. Akhos and Patroka then arrive to protect him, but Jin tells her to stand down and says that they've done their part. Patroka then orders Akhos to stay with Jin as she goes to get treatment, but she is blindsided and killed by a heavily mutated Amalthus who had somehow survived Mikhail's sacrifice. He then absorbs Patroka's crystal from her corpse.

Pneuma realizes that Amalthus's worldview is what caused Malos to be the same way. Akhos then recalls how Jin saved him and Patroka once - while Akhos and Patroka were not siblings themselves, their Drivers (whose flesh they consumed to become Flesh Eaters) were.

Jin confronts Amalthus.png

Akhos tries to attack Amalthus in revenge despite Jin's protests, only to be grabbed by Amalthus, who chastises him for being a mere Blade whose very existence depends on how long the Driver lives. Rex and the rest of the party try to save Akhos but to no avail, with Zeke telling Amalthus that they are all friends with the Blades. Amalthus is angered by the concept and tears out Akhos's Core Crystal, killing him. Jin cries out Akhos's name before turning to confront Amalthus, only for Rex to step in and insist that he take Amalthus on instead as they are both human. After he party defeats him, Jin then uses the last of his power to finish Amalthus off, by impaling him with several icicles, but Jin shatters his Core Crystal in the process and dies from using up the last of his power. At this point the organization of Torna no longer exists.

Chapter 10[edit]

Malos in front of Architect.jpg

As the party reaches the First Low Orbit Station, Malos greets the Architect, who replies addressing him as "Logos". Confused by the name, Malos asks what it means; the Architect says that it has no meaning, only representing the ego of those who named him. Malos then asks him how many years have passed since they last met, and the Architect says that it has been too long to remember. Malos then tries to kill the Architect to no avail. However, the Architect claims that he's dying anyway. Malos then asks the Architect whether or not he has a will and if his choice is really his own, with the Architect replying that it was 'a choice they made together'. Malos then thanks the Architect for creating him and leaves to take control of Aion.

Malos in front of Aion.jpg

When the party confronts Malos in the Aion Hangar, he learns from Nia that the rest of Torna are dead, but doesn't care before engaging the party. The party then defeat Aion after a long battle, fatally wounding Malos in the process. As he lays dying, Malos muses that things would've been different if Rex were his Driver, but still insists that Amalthus was the only Driver right for him. Malos then dies, disappearing in a purple light.



  • Most of Torna's key members (Malos, Jin, Akhos, Patroka, and Mikhail) were designed by Tetsuya Nomura, who is a lead character designer of the Final Fantasy series.
  • The name Torna follows the etymology of the Titan, which is likely derived from Toorn, the Dutch word for 'wrath'. This is in accordance with how Titans or nations in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are often named after the seven deadly sins or seven virtues in various languages.
    • Torna's Japanese name, 'Ira', is likewise named after wrath in Latin.


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