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Torigoth With Banner.jpg
Location Gormott Province
Connects to Upper Level - Right
Titan Battleship
Music Torigoth
Titan Battleship

Torigoth is the main town of Gormott in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The town appears in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country as a small village.


Torigoth (Gormott) map with ship.png
Tora's House (Gormott) map.png

The town of Torigoth is the biggest city of the Gormott Province, with the biggest Ardainian base of the province on the city's edge. It is located on the back of the Titan, on the head's side.

A gigantic tree, also called a Grandarbor, towers over the city, taking its root to the north of it and separating it from Coolley Lake. The Mor Ardain Consulate is secured on its side, overlooking a gap that cleaves the town in two in the middle. Both sides of the town are connected by suspended bridges. On both sides of the gap, along the walls, are the town's residential zones, Galad and Grodd. At the lowest level of them both are ports where ships can be found moored, making for an easy access to the town by ship.

The western side of the town is where its main entrance is located, Torigoth Arch, passing Saets Lumber Co., a company of Gormotti craftsmen. It is the town's economical center, with the Torigoth Market and the windmill towering over the nearby Tretl Windmill Plaza with a fountain in its center. A street bordering the town's norther border, Obra Street directly leads to the Galad Residential Zone.

On the eastern side is where the city's agriculture is done, with Kloom Farm featuring a few fields and Armu enclosures. Even more to the west is the Torigoth Relay Base, where the local Ardainian garrison resides, keeping peace around the city. Along the southern side of the area, one can go down a set of slopes along the wall, down to Treetop Path on one of the Grandarbor's roots.


List of NPCs in Torigoth. Permanent means the NPC can be talked to in a fully completed file. Temporary means the NPC will either disappear or move to another location at one point, either through quests or story progression. Missable means that this particular NPC can be missed or move to another location depending on choices during quests.

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  1. New Game Plus exclusive.
  2. After unlocking the first level of Crossette's Ardent Cooking Field Skill.
  3. Tranquility completed.


Normal Enemies[edit]

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Auto dialogues[edit]

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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Torigoth
Japan flag.svg Japanese トリゴの街 Town of Torigo
France flag.svg French Torigoth
Germany flag.svg German Torigoth
Spain flag.svg Spanish Torigoth
Italy flag.svg Italian Torigoth
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 托里格镇
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 托里格鎮
South Korea flag.svg Korean 트리고 거리



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