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Tiger! Tiger! (music)

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Tiger! Tiger!
Original Title Tiger! Tiger!
Composer(s) Manami Kiyota
Length 2:24
Used in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Other versions Tiger! Tiger! (SSBU)

Tiger! Tiger! is Disc 1, Track 24 on the Xenoblade2 Original Soundtrack and Disc 6, Track 24 on the Xenoblade Chronicles Original Soundtrack Trinity Box.

It is a medley consisting of 4 different themes, all used in the Tiger! Tiger! minigame. The first part of the track plays in the opening menu; the second part (from 0:37) plays when descending; the third part (from 1:04) is a pitched-up, sped-up version of the 2nd part and plays when ascending; and the 4th part (from 1:32) plays on the results screen.

Album notes[edit]

Album notes written by Manami Kiyota. No official translation exists.

ファミコンからゲームを始めたので、この曲を作れて嬉しかったです。まずは色々なファミコンゲームの画面を見て、参考にさせて頂きました。懐かしのゲーム達の音楽を久々に聴きました! 曲的には、オープニング曲、メイン曲、テンポの早いメイン曲、勝った時の4曲です。こういった曲を作るのは初めてだったので、音源も持っておらず、実はすごい挑戦でした。高橋総監督がこちらの曲も褒めて下さり、生きていてよかったと思いました。

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Tiger! Tiger! (Super Smash Bros. remix)[edit]

Tiger! Tiger!
Original Title Tiger! Tiger!
Composer(s) Manami Kiyota
Arrangement Yuzo Koshiro
Used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Tiger! Tiger! is a track in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, playing on the Gaur Plains and Cloud Sea of Alrest stages. It is a remix of Tiger! Tiger!.