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XC1 art icon Thunder.png XC1DE art icon Thunder.png
User Dunban
Type Daze art
Colour Yellow
Target Rear-facing cone
Effect(s) Damage, forces daze if an aura is active
Description A pulse attacks enemies behind. If used with an Aura, forces Daze.
First available Level 40

Thunder (天雷 (てんらい), Thunder) is one of Dunban's daze Battle Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a blast of ether that hits enemies that are behind him. If Dunban has an aura active, it forces Daze.


While the move's power is fairly strong, Dunban's ether stat is rather poor, so there's very little reason to try and use Thunder just as an attack. But no other art can force daze, circumventing topple entirely to potentially stop visions and erase auras - and since Dunban should really have an aura of some sort on at all times, it shouldn't be a concern to trigger the effect. The main issue is its inconvenient range of "a cone behind Dunban", making it tricky to purposefully aim. Luckily, Tempest Kick causes Dunban to turn around when used, putting him in a prime position to follow up with Thunder. In some situations Gale Slash can also be used to lunge through an enemy and wind up on the other side. In either case, the player should pre-select Thunder if they plan to use it, as otherwise the slightest movement will cause Dunban to turn and face his target again.


Damage type Ether
Category Daze
Talent gauge used 0%
Cooldown 40.0s
Accuracy +5%
Obtained Level 40
Power 2.50
Hits 1
Element Wind
Frames Seconds
Hit 20 0.667
Duration 82 2.733
Target Opponent
Area Cone (rear-facing)
Range 10.00m long, 120° angle
Effect XC1 Icon Status Daze.png Force Daze if aura active
Duration 2.0s
AI type Normal
Aggro 15
Knockback None
Flags Anti-air: False
Single effects: False
Monado art: False
Battle text
Original If in an Aura state, forces Daze.
DE If in an Aura (XC1DE icon buff Aura.png) state, forces Daze (XC1DE icon status Daze.png).
Basic Intermediate Advanced Master
AP cost 0 380 760 1,520 3,040 4,560 6,840 9,880 13,680 18,240 21,280 24,700
Power 2.50 2.67 2.84 3.01 3.18 3.35 3.52 3.69 3.86 4.03 4.20 4.37
Cooldown 40.0 38.0 36.0 34.0 32.0 30.0 28.0 26.0 24.0 22.0 20.0 18.0
Accuracy +5% +10% +15% +20% +25% +25% +25% +25% +25% +25% +25% +25%
Accuracy (DE) +5% +10% +15% +20% +25% +30% +35% +40% +45% +50% +55% +60%

Intermediate art book

Sell price 1,240 G
Buy price 12,400 G

Advanced art book

Sell price 1,000 G
Enemy Lv. Loc. Gold Chest % Gold Drop % Total % Num. expected Num. for 95%
Gigas TelethiaGigas Telethia 75 Bionis' Interior 0.033.0% 0.0738589809321537.4% 0.00221576942796460.2% 451.31049620023452 1350.50699895591351
Reckless ZandenXC1 enemy icon frame unique.png Reckless Zanden XC1 enemy icon frame unique.pngQuest-exclusive 98 Tephra Cave 1100.0% 0.1272590460046912.7% 0.1272590460046912.7% 7.85798755683868 22.00859056537823
Royal CaterpileRoyal Caterpile 74 Bionis' Leg 0.022.0% 0.1371761716977513.7% 0.0027435234339550.3% 364.49479075833365 1090.4302562341091
Telethia ArielleTelethia ArielleQuest-exclusive 86 Alcamoth 00.0% 0.1272590460046912.7% 00.0% 1000000000 1000000000

Master art book

Sell price 2,000 G
Buy price 20,000 Noponstone (Nopon Archsage)


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Thunder
Japan Flag.png Japanese 天雷 (てんらい) Thunder
France flag.svg French Foudre céleste Celestial Lightning
Germany flag.svg German Donnerschlag Thunder beat
Spain flag.svg Spanish Tronada
Italy flag.svg Italian Attacco tonante
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 天雷
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 天雷
Korea flag.png Korean 천뢰