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The Girl Who Closed Her Heart

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The Girl Who Closed Her Heart
Original Title (こころ) ()ざした少女 (しょうじょ)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 2:13
Used in Xenosaga Episode I
Other versions KOS-MOS

The Girl Who Closed Her Heart (also known as Kokoro o Tozashita Shôjo) is Disc 1, Track 22 on the Xenosaga Original Soundtrack and Disc 1, Track 5 on the Xenosaga Episode I album. ('The Girl Who Closed Her Heart' is an unofficial translation, as seen in the VGMdb listing of the album.) KOS-MOS is a remix of this track. The melody at the start is similar to that of Reminiscence and its derivatives.

It plays in the following cutscenes:

Album Notes[edit]

Album notes written by Yasunori Mitsuda. No official translation exists.

"自閉症の少女” という重たいテーマで曲を書き始めた のですが、 作曲途中であまりにも辛く切ない感情が溢れ 出し、 数日間曲を寝かせてからでないと続きを書くこと が出来ませんでした。

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