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The Ark

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The Ark
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Connects to Black Mountains
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The Ark is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is Origin's memory stage.


The Ark consists of a memory of a large city. At the center of it all is a large tower that reaches the skies. The explorable area consists of a suburban area with a small house and a radio that plays.


Reaching the Ark is the party's main goal to defeat Alpha after the encounter with him at Raguel Lake. The party are taken aboard The Ark's memory's stage that consists of Klaus's world before the experiment with the Conduit. There the party finds Na'el there, promised by Alpha, denying the truth about his promise. When A changes the landscape into the Land of Morytha to convince her that Alpha's promises are false, she stills denies it until Matthew convinces her what she's doing is the same as Moebius's endless now philosophy. The memory ends after Alpha abducts Na'el and confronts the party.

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