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Region [[undefined [{{{GimLoc_MapID}}}]]]
Weather {{{weather}}}
Connects to {{{connect}}}
Music {{{music}}}

A template for areas in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They are technically almost the same as locations and landmarks, but are different enough to get their own template. for completeness's sake it still gets all area data from <map>_GML_Location. Usage:

{{Infobox XC3 area
|ID = (ID from the data tables)
|hashID = (hash ID from the data tables)
|LocationName = ...

|GimLoc_ID = (gimmick ID from SYS_GimmickLocation, where GimmickID matched the hashID of the area)
|GimLoc_hashID = (hash ID of the gimmick)
|GimmickType = ...

|image = (image of the area)
|caption = (optional caption for the image)
|weather = (List of all weather types that can occur)
|connect = (Areas it connects to)
|music = (Music played here)