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Location {{{maparea}}}, [[undefined[{{{mapID}}}]]]
Characters [[undefined [{{{chara_01}}}]]]
Required story progress No story requirements

name = name of H2H, can also use "title" instead
maparea = sub-area of the main region (eg. "Upper Level - Right")
mapID = internal ID of area
sublocation = the specific location of the H2H (eg. "Mymoma Playhouse")
chara_01-07 = internal IDs of characters, up to seven supported (only chara_01 is required)
chara_driver = if a Rare Blade with variable Driver is involved, set this to 1 (default 0) - make sure the Blade is chara_01
chara_azurda = whether Azurda is in the H2H, set to 1 if he is (default 0)
scenario = story flag (default 0)
inn = inn to rest at to make H2H available (optional)
otherreq = other requirements (eg. complete a certain sidequest, or reach certain key affinity level)